Tuesday, January 30

White & Wood Kitchens

I'm starting to believe that January will never end. Why. Are. There. So. Many. Days!! Seriously? December and July FLY by but January just drags on and on and on. The good news about these quiet days is that there is more time for blogging. LUCY YOU design lovers. Today's topic is a mediation on my theme of being tired of the grey and white design trend out there. I feel like I might get thrown out of the design club on this one (is there such a club btw? asking for a friend) but I'm really over the fact that everything is plain white with grey accents. It's all I see on design blogs these days and if your Insta feed isn't monochromatic...you are apparently doing something wrong. I'm not calling for a Punky Brewster, Rainbow Brite backlash here but something other than the whitewashing has to be out there right?
But let's face it, I'm a hypocrite. My kitchen is as white as white gets. BUT in my defense, I do have a deep brown island cabinet thing going on and dark floors. If I could design a new house with a new kitchen, I think I'd incorporate more distressed wood - like these fab little babies.

All pictures are from Pinterest and can be found on my White & Wood Kitchens Board.  Ok back to real work and counting the minutes until this cold, drab month is finally over friends!!  Stay warm...unless you are somewhere warm already and then in that case, LUCKY YOU!