Saturday, April 25

DC Design House

Ohhh kay...sooo sue me. I lied. I said in my last post that I wouldn't post again until I finished the office. And I am working on that...promise. We are making progress and so far I am still speaking to my "client" far.

But I can't wait to share with you pictures from the DC Design House I went to this week. It is gorgeous and well worth the $30 to tour it if you are in the area. But for those of you who aren't, here's a peek. The pictures do not do it justice. The house is just over 8,800 square feet and is meant to replicates an old American farmhouse. The stone work is gorgeous and even though you can't see it in this picture (did I mention I am a wretched photographer?) the front door is a bright blue. It's unexpected and fun - a theme throughout the house.

After paying for our tickets which benefit Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC we headed into the living room. The first thing you notice is the incredible hand painted embroidered silk wall covering. It's hard to see but the the tiny silk flowers shimmer. Stuh-ning.  The designer for this room is Annette Hannon. 

Next up was the library designed by Michael Hampton. The prominent feature of this room is a painted Chinoiserie panel. The room had a very worldly and somewhat masculine feel while still having some very feminine elements. The ceiling had a beautiful hand painted wallpaper on it.

One of my favorite elements of the house is that the back wall - which is field stone - is exposed inside the hallway that runs along the back of the house. It's so fancy that it's not even described as a hall but rather a gallery. Once again, the ceiling was covered in a wallpaper - clearly a trend. This space was designed by Akseizer Design Group. 

At this point in the tour I am now making my friend laugh with my "Oh My God! It's like Christmas!" but really, every room was like opening a present (I know...I just gagged too). After the "gallery" we ventured into the dining room which was probably the most unique spaces in the house and was also designed by Akseizer. The first thing you notice is the incredible coffered ceiling that had what looked like birch tree branches in between each coffer. I mean....

The rest of the room was an eclectic mix of modern and elegant with a geometric wallpaper and custom made matching china cabinets. 

We then headed upstairs where this beautiful Ro Sham Beaux chandelier was hanging. I pretty much want everything on their website btw. The wallpaper in this space was textured and silver. But the best part of the upstairs landing was the giant peacock. So random and so awesome. This space was designed by Pamela Harvey

The nursery was next and it was simple and perfect. Ok the kangaroo picture over the crib might have freaked me out a little but the rest was purty. It even had it's own perfect little bathroom which I apparently failed to get a shot of. Use your imagination. Nancy Twomey of Finnian's Interiors designed the baby's room.

Laughably, the room next to the nursery was called the Gentleman's Retreat. Ha! Yeah right. Anyway, the coolest part about that room (other than it's place in mythology) was the wood-like wallpaper. According to the docent (yep...they had those) the guy who hung the wallpaper did it in such a way to make the paper look like real wood. Who knew? Magician! The Gentleman's Retreat (can't say it without laughing) was designed by Scott Cooke

And of course what would a dream house be without a perfectly pink guest room? More than any other room, my pictures did not capture the way this room really looked. It was light and girly and elegant without being too Pepto looking. Even the dressers were pink! And look at the great shadow the chandelier cast on the room. The wallpaper was a custom design that was also used for the headboard and the drapes. The amazing dressers were designed especially for the room by Codor Design

This is the hallway to the master bedroom - called the Upper Gallery. The walls were hand painted in the style of a Gracie Wallpaper. It's a total departure from other rooms in the house. The painting of the bunny is a nod to Virginians Bunny Mellon and Bunny Williams. 

Next up on the tour was the master bedroom. If I am being tooooootallly honest, the actual bedroom was not my favorite space in the house. While I normally love a dark grey wall, the fact that the room had all dark walls AND a darker grey sheer on the window gave the space an overall brooding feeling. The designer Christopher Patrick said he got his inspiration from a drawing of a custom necklace by Cartier that he had seen at the Hillwood Museum and that he wanted the room to be elegant and sexy. I will give him that! It was definitely sexy. And I did LOVE the chandelier.

The master bathroom, also designed by Christopher Patrick and was designed around the exposed fieldstone on the back wall. The chandelier by Neirmann Weeks is truly stunning. The huge shower has incredible striped tiles that were installed in alternating directions. Really cool. 

Ahhhh..finally! We get to the kitchen. The best part of any home! This one did not disappoint with its gorgeous breakfast area, massive island and the largest hood I have ever seen, it was in all ways gorgeous. The designers Lobkovich Kitchen Designs kept it rustic, simple and elegant which felt very traditional but not out of place with the other more modern spaces throughout the house. 

The house just goes on and on and on with so many cool spaces.  Here are few other cool rooms to check out...
Butler's Pantry Ceiling 

 Upstairs Landing (Back Stairwell)

Basement Desk

Honestly, the house is so big, I can't remember where this was. But it's gorgeous anyway!

Rec Room (which clearly was inspired by our rec room)

Basement Bar Area

Basement Stairs

And last but not least, the outdoor area. I use that term loosely as it really felt like an outdoor dining room. Designed by Skip Sroka who said it is Palm Beach meets Hollywood. And of course as a good Kappa Kappa Gamma girl...I love the various shades of blue and the Greek key. 

So there is your sneak peek of the 2015 DC Design House. If you live in the DC area, definitely go check it out before it closes on May 10th.  OH and I almost forgot the best the garage they had set up a little boutique where I got this awesome chevron blue blanket. Just what I had been looking for to put on the red chair in the great room. LOVE it!