Friday, January 16

My 100th Post: Confessions of a Dabbler

Wow! 100 posts. Who knew I had it in me? Well you did - my three loyal readers. You did! Except, you are not three loyal readers anymore, are you? Turns out, that despite my best efforts otherwise, you are now hundreds of readers EACH day. Which blows my mind and instantly fills me with guilt. I should be writing more. I should be decorating more. MORE MORE MORE!

But as I was just about to go out for a run - my 4th different kind of workout this week - I realized that I am, in fact, a dabbler. One of the things that makes me the most happy in life is doing all different things at the same time. Nothing depresses me more than focusing on one thing or getting stuck in a routine. So it makes perfect sense that this week, I went to two different gyms, went to two different Pure Barre classes, worked out on an elliptical in my basement and am now about to run on the bike trail near our house.  I know..I know. You are SO impressed with my new obsession with working out (it's really just catching up from when I had my daughter 10 YEARS AGO) but the random nature of my fitness interest proves that I am in fact a dabbler. Not that this makes me noncommittal. I am in fact 100% committed to working out (for now anyway) but I am not bound by any one way of doing it...and that makes me a happy girl.

When I see on my handy dandy Google analytics that there are 300 people a day visiting this blog (I's probably a tiny number in the real world of blogging), my natural instinct is to throw myself into this blog and into decorating and turn this into something. Something that makes me money, something that gets me recognized, something that helps friends and clients turn their houses into showpieces. And then I start to fret about my own house and all the rooms that still need to be done. And then I start to have a panic attack and just forget the whole thing. Same thing for my "real" career. Last year when I decided to quit the whole caboodle and stay home and focus 100% on being a mom, I literally got chills up and down my spine.  The idea that I would be labeled as just one thing - in my own mind and in others - terrified me.  So I didn't quit completely. I decided to dabble! Dabble in the job that I had done full time for so many years meant working about 10 hours a week. And guess what? I have never been happier. I am productive when I am working. I feel valued and useful and then when I walk away from work, I get to go to one of my twenty different kinds of workouts...or to the couch.  Whichever!

So event though I am SUPER excited that people like my designs and that my bathroom now has 3500 people who have Pinned it and are inspired by it - strange but true - I am not going to dive off the deep end to try and be something I am not. I am going to continue to dabble in this world of design and writing and love every minute of it. And who knows...I might just add a few other things to the list. Maybe it's time to start singing again.  Speaking of that, I am singing a (tiny) solo in my son's elementary school choral concert today as part of a parent choir. I know...hysterical right? Even funnier is that I am singing "Man In The Mirror" by the one and only Michael Jackson. But I have to tell that singing with them these past few weeks was pure joy. So perhaps it's time to dabble in the music world friends. Who knows!

For now, I am off to run and dream and plan and, you got it...DABBLE!!! Wanna join me?