Thursday, November 6

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Design Friend Gone? Off Turning Her Tables Into Ottomans!!!

I know, I know. That is obviously the song you have been humming in your head for exactly one month as I have fallen off the face of the planet. So where have I been? Well...nowhere really. As I mentioned once before I stopped working full-time on October 1st and am now working just 10 hours a week and I gotta say...I am loving it. I have never felt so happy or so calm and since I am no longer tied to my desk every day, I haven't felt the urge to blog as much. Which I know you have just be devastated about but I know you will forgive me.

Now that my life is a little more settled, I am getting back to my true love...decorating! I have so much to show you - including our master bedroom which is allllmmmooossttt done and how I rearranged our living room. But those will have to wait for another day since today's post is dedicated to a DIY project. AUDIBLE GASP! I know....I have told you before that I HATE DIY and this is true. Here's the previous post to prove it. I am so, so bad at it. But we've had this old coffee table since my college days and it no longer lived up to the hype of our gorgeous new leather sectional. I knew I wanted a big square ottoman because we all like to put our feet up when we watch tv and the table made that painful. After a lot of research I couldn't find one I like and so I decided to try it myself. Proud of me? Yup.

There are like a million detailed tutorials out there (Google "turn table into ottoman") so consider mine the Cliff Notes version. Here is the picture of the table before. You can't really tell because of the sunlight but there are a lot of stains on it and some pretty big cracks and holes. And most importantly, because we owned was FREE!

And here are all the supplies I used. Green foam (2 inch thick), blue zebra print fabric (on sale at G Street Fabrics), a yard stick, an exacto knife, a staple gun and spray adhesive. I picked a sturdy fabric to hold up to all the wear and tear it will have in that room and I picked blue and white because we already have a lot of red in that room and I am trying balance that out (more on that in a future post).

I got almost all of this at Jo Ann's. BTW if you want some seriously good (old) people watching, go there on any given mid-day.  I bought the 2 inch foam instead of the 4 inch because I thought the thicker one would make the ottoman too high.  I measured and cut the foam and sprayed the adhesive on both the foam and the table. Waited a few minutes and then stuck that sucker on there. Worked like a charm. I put the foam on the top of the table and then created a boarder around the sides of the table - creating a box. Here's how it looked when I was done with the foam. I ended up spraying down the stuff that was sticking up but figured it didn't need to be pretty and since I hate DIY I wasn't going to spend any more time on this part than I needed to.

After the foam, I added a layer of batting. I cut it to fit the top of the table and then pulled it (not too tightly) and stapled it under the edge of the table.

The next and final step was to add the fabric. For this part, I laid the fabric on the floor and turned the table upside down on top of it. Then I cut the fabric leaving enough to fit over the sides and began stapling like a fool. The hardest part were the corners, which are by no means perfect, but whatever. My kids are going to trash it anyway let's be honest. And then I flipped the table over and VOILA in less than 2 hours I had a brand new ottoman!!!

Here it is in our great room. I am purposely keeping this a tight shot because the rug now completely clashes with this whole set up and needs to be replaced. And yes, I fully understand the irony of that statement. SO there you have it! I actually succeeded (for the most part) on a DIY project! It is indeed a new day in the life of this wanna be designer.