Monday, August 25

I Want To Be Joanna Gaines When I Grow Up!

If you are obsessed with home design - like I obviously am - then you must also be obsessed with HGTV like I am. Yesterday HGTV ran an all day marathon of their show Fixer Upper. If you haven't seen it, you must watch it. The show centers around a Texas couple Joanna and Chip Gaines who renovate and design houses for clients. What I like best about it (other than their great relationship and the fact that she still looks like a model despite having 4 kids) is her incredible sense of style and design. All of that to say I have a major girl crush on Joanna and wish I could be her when I grow up (ha ha!).

Check out some of their work. I love the way she uses vintage pieces in a modern way. It's country without being kitchsy. On the show she finds rustic pieces from her own farm or from local stores and  uses them in very clean and bright spaces. The result is gorgeous and makes me want to redecorate our entire house already. I will use it as inspiration for our great/family room which has some of these elements and just needs a tweaking and editing.

Joanna writes a blog which you can read here and I am really inspired by her look at life and dealing with the complexities of filming a show, being a mother to four kids and staying on top everything. I can so relate to the post she wrote on being a procrastinator versus a responder. As we get ready for the madness of the Fall to begin, I hope to be able to get out ahead of life by being organized so I can then be in the moment and actually enjoy it. So without seeming like crazy stalker lady, I really hope to be more like Joanna both in style and spirit. Happy Monday!