Thursday, July 31

Landing Makeover

I bribed my kids to go with me to Homegoods today after camp pickup and saw a great chest of drawers that I thought would look great on the landing at the top of the stairs. So presto changeo...a little landing makeover for you on a Thursday evening. Whatcha think? I kind of love it! It's the perfect mix of the wood that is in the hallway with the mirrors to keep it a little fancier (a word I don't really love) but you get the drift. I just threw a few things I found upstairs on it to decorate it for now but I am sure I'll change those at some point too.

It's sort of hard to tell because the mirrors are reflecting the dark wood floors, but the wood on the drawers is a really nice distressed look with the mirror background and these cute "crystal" like knobs. 

Here's how the landing looked after I first painted the stripes on it.  For more information on how I did that you can read my previous blog post on the subject here.  Below are a few shots of how it looked during the construction process. 

I am thinking I might get a nice runner for the long part of the hall which you can see below.  Not sure yet though - I really love the hardwoods and probably won't cover them up but ya never know!

So there's a quick little makeover! Cheap, quick and makes a big impact.