Saturday, June 21

School's Out For Summer!

Well..we survived! Between school, soccer, swim team and oh yeah…MY JOB…life has been completely nutso. The blog has taken a backseat to be certain. And the guilt…oh the guilt…I have felt about ignoring it, has been debilitating.  Ok, not really. But I have missed it.

Now that the summer is here, I am vacation dreaming (and packing!). We are headed, as always, to the beach and I will spend an entire week soaking up the summer sun. One of the things I love best about the beach, or the lake for that matter, is when the nights are cool and you just sit and talk about absolutely nothing for hours.

When I was growing up, those conversations always happened in my grandparent's screened in porch. We would sit and listen the sound of the buoys in the water and the grown ups would talk for what seemed like forever.  It burned in me a love of porches!  When we did our addition, we gave a lot of thought to adding one but in the end decided that "real" living space was more important.  Plus, DC summers are not exactly cool and crisp. Sitting outside is rare after July. But that doesn't stop me from dreaming of the perfect porch!

Here are a few of my favs…(all from Houzz)

And what would a porch be without a great cocktail to sip on right? Here are three you have to try. First up, a watermelon cucumber cooler from Martha Stewart. Love love love anything with cucumber.

Sangria is a standard summer cocktail in our house. My husband makes a mean white one and sometimes a red. I think this summer we might try some new ones.  Here's one that looks good…(recipe here). 

And how about this one from Green Kitchen Stories. It's actually not a cocktail - just a strawberry lemonade but there's no reason you couldn't add something to kick it up a notch (shout out to Emeril ca. 2002). 

So despite being somewhat chilly and rainy, and even though we are leaving for a soccer tournament with 6 GAMES today, I'll be dreaming of a cold drink on a cool night in a beautiful screened in porch!