Thursday, May 22

Outdoor Dining In My Dreams

As Memorial Day weekend quickly approaches, I am in full planning mode! This weekend we have multiple gatherings/parties at our house and most of them will take place outside on our new patio - which we are super excited to use! All of this party planning has got me dreaming of the perfect outdoor dinner. Don't you just love those nights when you sit with friends around a table with a ton of candles and a lot of wine? Well, here is what that looks like in my dreams!

All Pictures from Pinterest
So what do all of these incredible tables have in common? Besides most of them being by water, which is my true dream location, they all have a lot of great light. Whether candles or hanging lights, the glow is essential.  And while I can't actually hear it, I assume all of these have the perfect music playing in the background - something like a Edith Piaf signing La Vie En Rose or Van Morrison's Into The Mystic. Something mellow and great for talking over but perfect for setting a mellow mood.

The trick is to do all the work in advance to create the perfect setting so once the party actually starts, you can just sit back and chill.  And speaking of chill, the outdoor dinner party of my dreams gets a little chilly as the night goes on. How great is this idea…put some snuggly blankets in a box with a cute sign like this for guests to use as the night goes on.


And what would a party be without a little parting gift?  Since my husband makes his own amazing limoncello, I love this idea! And if it is a REALLY good party, everyone will be downing these before they even leave.  Hope this leaves you inspired to head outside and grab a few friends on the way out the door!!!