Tuesday, April 29

Turquoise State of Mind

On this dreary rainy day, I am beach dreaming! And one color that always says beach to me is turquoise. You know those beaches where the water is crystal clear and seems to go on forever? And when you get there on the first day of vacation you are the happiest person on earth?  And you are super nice to your kids and your husband and you think it will last forever? Yeah…that's what turquoise says to me.  If only we were there right now…

But as much as I love the idea of turquoise, I have never really been able to incorporate it into my decorating. I am afraid it is always going to come across like a bad version of Barbie's dream house.  Then I cam across this amazing blog called House of Turquoise.  The writer is a self-described turquoise addict and she finds all the best pictures and inspirations for including the color in home decor.  

Of all the houses/rooms she has profiled there is one that is one house that I keep coming back to for inspiration. The house is located in Minneapolis and was built by Great Neighborhood Homes and I am officially obsessed. In fact, you will likely recognize many of the elements of our house in these pictures (in my dreams maybe!)

Can we just talk about the built in dog "house" next to the desk? I mean….it's everything! I only wish there had been a place for us to do that in the house. And just in case you think I am Cruella Deville, our pooch LOVES, in facts demands that he be crated. He's 8 and set in his ways. And if we leave him alone in the house without being in the crate he flips out and buries his head under our pillows. Here's a pic of our little Buddy. 

Anyway, back to turquoise. What got me thinking about it today was that I have a spot at the top of our stairs and I am thinking of dipping my toe in the turquoise pool (I wish!) and putting a turquoise piece in that spot. 

But what should it look like? I love this one from One King's Lane. It's probably too big for our space but I just like love the color and I think it will brighten up our landing (where there are no windows) nicely. 

I also really like this more distressed version that I found on Etsy. Again, it's too big (and it already sold!) but if I could find a smaller version, it would be perfect. And a good place to store fluffy white towels - that by the way would never stay fluffy or white with two kids. I digress…

Last but not least, here's one that I found on Decor It Darling which is cute cute. 

But can we get back to the beach for a second? I found this private home that you can rent in Turks and Caicos. Anyone want to go? I'll bring the drinks!