Friday, April 11

Think Pink!

Spring has finally sprung in Washington, DC.  Thank the Lord!  The cherry blossoms are in full bloom which means more than a million tourists (no exaggeration) are currently wandering around the Tidal Basin ignoring all types of traffic laws and staring up at the sky. Here's a shot of my kiddies in front of one the trees a few years ago. (My son is in the stroller in the background….what can I say…second child!)

And here's a close up shot of the flowers. Aren't they so pretty?

All this pink got me thinking about how to incorporate pink into home decor. It is not an easy task when you are talking about anything other than a nursery or a little girls room - and even that can be tricky. There are so many shades of pink and frankly I've never really been a fan of light pink walls. But I do love pink. Here's proof. This is my daughter's nursery from way back when.

Long gone are the days of having baby pink nursery and my daughter's room now has a much bolder pink, white and navy blue theme which I will share later.

Here are few other ways I think you can make pink work.

First up is a living room design by Martha O'Hara Interiors in Austin, TX. I think I'd put this color pink in the fuchsia category and as you can see, a little goes a long way. A really great aspect of this design is that none of the pink in this room is permanent or hard to change. You could easily swap it out when you get bored or when your husband realizes that you decorated with pink and gets weirded out (which will take a while).

Here's another one from Martha in Minneapolis- similar in concept but slightly more casual execution. Again, other than the chair, there is little in here that can't change which I appreciate since I get bored quickly. 

Love these striped chairs from this beach cottage living room - especially the navy blue piping and how that brings in the blue and white chair.

Here's a bolder interpretation of using pink used in a very modern apartment and with a lot of dark grey. All of the white in the space and the really large windows make this bold pink not too overwhelming and not too feminine. 

Obviously using pink in a bedroom - especially a girl's bedroom - is a bit easier than finding a way to include it in other spaces, but picking the right pink can be tricky. There's nothing worse than the wrong pink - it just makes you feel like you are in a hospital room.  Here's a good example of doing pink right and in a sophisticated way. 

When I think of a pink bathroom, I immediately go to those horrible salmon colored tiles that all of our grandparents had. Do you ever look at something and wonder if it EVER really was in style? I just can't imagine pink tiles or avocado green appliances were truly ever "the thing"….but maybe people will say that about stainless steel when we are old.  Anyway, pink bathrooms have come a long way. Check these out. 

There's even a way to use pink outside…apparently. Love these steps in a picture from Capri

The space in our new house that is most likely to get a splash of pink is likely my office - which as you know is currently in a state of flux. As an update, Tam the Wallpaper Man, is currently booked for 2 weeks.  So our wait for wallpaper glory continues. 

Time to go enjoy the blossoms. Happy spring!