Saturday, March 29

Gwyneth Paltrow, Hester Prynne, and Wall Stencils

Good morning adoring fans!  It's a quiet rainy Saturday morning which gives me lots of time to peruse the interweb for articles about what an dummy Gwyneth Paltrow is. Hysterical!  Does she not know about the raging mommy wars out there? The ones where we moms spend all our time telling ourselves and each other how busy and unappreciated we are? Battling over who has it worse - those in an office or those who work from home (including SAHMs)??? Throw into that heated discussion a gorgeous, impossibly thin, millionaire actress with heaps of help and loads of time spewing her thoughts on how an office job is "easier" and we might just have our next Hester Prynne on our hands!

Anyway, while we wait for the wallpaper to come in, I am contemplating my next project. I went back to my old favorite Life On Virginia Street to see what she's been up to these days and looky what I AWESOME stencil project. Now I must say, the idea of stenciling anything - let alone a whole wall - might be the most frightening concept to me next to childbirth, but it really looks great doesn't it? Check out how she did it here

I went to the website that sponsored her project ( read that correctly) Cutting Edge Stencils and they have a million stencils to choose from.  It gives the look of wallpaper without the potential for disaster. Well maybe hold that thought...  These are all in their Moroccan collection which would certainly be appropriate in our house given other elements I've used.

I am super tempted to try it in our basement bath or maybe even in the kids bath. Maybe trying something fun like these starfish. Cute without being too cute right? 

So stay tuned for my attempt at stenciling...I mean what could go wrong right?  Of course, there is one other option, which is to just do what I did in my daughter's room and just go the peel and stick route.  Preview of her room below (more on that later!). Probably easier and less daunting. 

Off to get some coffee and enjoy the snow. I mean rain! Sorry...force of habit.