Monday, March 3

Next up….the Office!

It's a snow day here in DC but it hasn't stopped me from dreaming about spring - flowers, bright colors and all things sunny.  It is clearly why the inspiration for my next room makeover is so bright and dare I say almost annoyingly - cheerful. In the 9 years since we lived in this house, our office has been an office, then a nursery, then my son's toddler room and now back to being an office. Right now it is a mess!  Since I work from home, it is essential to me to get this room done and to have it be a place I actually WANT to be in and to get me out of the terrible habit of working from our couch.

So here is what I am thinking…what do you think? BTW, I only mean tell me you love it. No criticism welcome. It's very girlie in these pictures, which is not really the style of the rest of the house.  But since I will be the one spending 90% of the time in there, I think it's ok to keep it light and pretty - including whites, greens and pinks.  And my husband gets a giant room in the basement to make manly, so I know he will be fine with me claiming this one space as my own. (Ha ha…one space. I can only imagine what he'll say when he reads that I think I only have one space in this house. LOL)

Anywhoooo, here are the details:

1. I found this picture on Pinterest and it's pretty much perfect for what I am thinking. I love the wallpaper and the use of the topiaries. Love the acrylic ghost chairs - although not entirely practical with two kids who will be using this space at some point.

2. This is the wallpaper I think I am going to use. It's Thibaut's Jubliee collection, Ingrid is the name of the design and the color I am leaning toward is Green on White. My mom is coming to town and swears that hanging wallpaper is super easy - so we are going to tackle that together. Fully prepared for it to be a complete and total disaster that I will lovingly document for a future post.

3. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and I love this picture. Nothing really to do with the design of the room, but I fully plan to have real ones on my desk on a regular basis.

4. LOVE this chair!  Have no clue if it's comfortable. It could totally suck to sit in, but I love the way it looks.

5. If I don't go with the questionably comfortable leather chair, I am also in love with this bright green one.  This might work better if I do a rug in there as opposed to leaving the hard woods exposed.

6. I have an obsession with pillows. True story. Have NO idea if there would be any where to used these in the office, but I'd find a way.  Maybe a place to lie down on during one of my many many conference calls.

When we added the addition, they had to remove one of the windows that used to be in the office. They replaced it with built in bookshelves that I really love. Oddly, the room doesn't feel any darker than it used to, but I want to be careful not to go too dark with colors.

My desk is an old beater from Pottery Barn that I got at the outlet about 10 years ago - I have a really funny and somewhat inappropriate story about how I fought with another woman over who saw it first - but that is probably best told at another time. Anyway,  it's had a hard life of markers, crayons, school projects and paint. Really the top is the biggest issue - I have tried everything short of using Mr. Clean's actual bald head to get it clean. But no such luck.  And the chair is a disaster. It weighs about 3,000 pounds and regularly rolls itself over my toes. Hate it.

I am actually considering getting the corner desktop that goes with these file cabinets. Putting the desk in the corner would open up some space in this tiny room - for what I don't know. Maybe for the nap area I mentioned previously. I will keep it white since it will be pretty with the built ins and the wall paper and since the idea of painting it makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out.

Last but not least is the light. Right now we have a tiny, very masculine grey and black ceiling fan that my husband will not want to get rid off. For two reasons - first because our upstairs used to get really warm in the summer (and may still!) and second because he installed it perfectly.  It was the second fan that we put in the house, and let's just say the first one ended with an electrician being called. The fan in this room went in without a hitch and it's possible it will have to stay there forever to prove it. 

BUT if I can persuade him, I am thinking of putting in some kind of funky light fixture like this one from IKEA (although it is way too big for the space).  Let the battle begin!

So that's the plan. Time to start gathering materials and moxie! Both of which I am generally in large supply of.  Off to play in the snow. Stay warm!!!