Sunday, November 3


With less than 5 weeks to go, things are moving along very nicely! This week they primed the entire house with a very light beige paint which required them to cover up all of the windows - which combined with the paint gives the entire house a marshmallow type feeling. It's like a coating of Fluff.

This was a big week - the granite is in! This was probably the most difficult selection we made. We really REALLY wanted marble and I almost fell for the stone guy who told me "doonnn't worry! it will be fine" which I am pretty sure is a line I also heard in college once. But anyway, after mentioning it to a few people, one of which sent me a picture of a pretty pink tomato sauce stain on her brand new marble counter, I panicked and nixed the marble idea. I thought it would be easy to find an alternative - but no. An exact match just doesn't exist. We almost went with an engineered product called Cambria - but I kept hearing the line from "He's Just Not That Into You" where Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Connelly are in Home Depot arguing over fake wood and she says "If it's a fake, it should just be a fake and not try to pretend to be real" or something like that. Anyway, there aren't that make good white granite colors out there that aren't RIDICULOUSLY expensive. In the end we picked one called Colonial White and so far - despite the walls being a lighter shade of 80s peach and the windows being covered up like a house where someone died - we really like it. I can't wait until they take the plastic off of it (another thing skewing the color a bit) and open up the windows and turn on the lights. Me thinks it will be spectacular.

Also arriving (drum roll please...) was the kids vanity and new sink (American Standard), a floor length medicine cabinet (Restoration Hardware) and a bunch of other little stuff. All of the light fixtures are going in this week which is super exciting since I am firm believer that lighting is the single most important decorating tool. I picked out floor stain color, two different kinds of carpet and an oh-so-exciting vinyl floor for the utility room in the basement.

There have been some hiccups along the way - fo sho. When we get the keys back to our house, I will gladly share some of my deep thoughts on building a house. Until then, I will keep my big mouth shut and my shiny, happy disposition in check. Ha ha... :)

Now I am onto to some of the super fun stuff like buying furniture....ok...buying is a strong word. Ooogling furniture is more like it since we are a long way away from being able to buy anything but a girl can dream!

Hard to believe it's November! We started this process on January 17, 2012 when we first emailed our builder and met with him for a few hours to walk through our house. Closing in on two years's almost a reality!

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