Sunday, August 4

I could get used to this!

Four months ago when we first met with our motorcycle riding architect and our builder, we thought the hardest part of the journey would be writing the check to kick things off. Little did we know what would lie ahead - both good and bad: the financing fiasco, the fun of watching them start construction, the incredible stress of packing up our entire house (and I mean the ENTIRE house - even the attic)and making sure that the right things went to storage and the essentials went to the apartment. Add to that two full time, demanding jobs and two more than full time demanding kids who are home for the summer, a dog who needs constant attention and you have (had!) two very stressed Allie & Mikes.

But this morning we woke up in our pretty little apartment with birds chirping and kids sleeping. It is so peaceful here - I dare say even quite civilized. We have a huge walk in closet, a beautiful bathroom complete with soaking tub, an enormous kitchen with more storage than I know what to do with and a ridiculous list of amenities that includes a fitness center, a movie screening room and 24 concierge service. There's nothing to pack, there's no stress in sight and I could not be any happier that we didn't pick one of the MANY crappy, smokey disgusting rental houses that we saw. Honestly...I could really get used to living like this. Pictures attached to prove it!

So now that this major milestone is behind us, I THINK (I hope...I pray) we can really begin to enjoy the process of building our house. In case anyone is reading this - I have to say thanks to all of my friends, family and most of all my BFF Mr. Signorelli for getting me to where I am right now...on the couch, slightly buzzed from too much red wine and READY FOR SHARK WEEK!!