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Friday, February 28

New House…New Blog!

It's hard to believe it, but it's been almost a year since we started the renovation process on our house. Now that it's over (thank god!) it's time for me to focus on decorating it - which I am SO excited about. So I am shifting the focus on my original blog to this new one - appropriately named Designing On The Side…because that's what I do!

I'll share with you my progress, my DIY projects, my inspirations and my obsessions.  Speaking of which, I have one right now which is this amaze-balls Crate and Barrel chair that I saw in the store on Saturday night - which was supposed to be date night but ended up being "Allie is obsessed with furniture night".  It is SOO much prettier in person, a very bright red color with a chunky chenille-like fabric.  I am desperate to have it for the great room - next to the fireplace.  I was hoping it would go on sale during C&B's annual upholstery sale but no such luck.  So for now, I will just dream away.

Next up, I'll share my big project from this week which was painting horizontal stripes up the stairwell. Stay tuned!