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Monday, January 22

Master Bedroom Reveal!

You has taken me FOUR YEARS to finish decorating our master bedroom. I seriously could have gone back and gotten another college degree in that time. Or had a kid who would almost be done with preschool. Or gone to prison for something not too scary. For someone with a lack of patience and a home design obsession, this was one long project. But it was worth it! I've shared bits and pieces with you before, and you can read more details from the earlier planning stage here. Now I'm finally ready to share the whole kit and kaboodle...which let's face it, is the most fun word. Here's how the room turned out!

Where to begin? How about the walls! The color is Sherwin Williams Rain (6219) and below is a close up of it. It definitely reads more blue than green and is probably more "neutral" than these pics convey (still trying to figure out my fancy camera). I've decided that 2018 is the year of color! I've recently become more and more opposed to ALL the grey and white happening in home design right now. Don't get me wrong - I have a LOT of grey and a strong love of white, but it seems like that is the ONLY color palette that people are promoting these days and life really demands some color doesn't it? 

The bed and the brown dresser are Ethan Allen. There was a time in my life when I was morally opposed to Ethan Allen. I felt like it was really dated and was (is?) super expensive. But they have really changed in the last few years and their pieces are much more contemporary and fun. Or maybe I'm just more old and dated. Hard to say! Anyway, the bed is the Robyn Bed in the Rye color with a white wash. The dresser is their Edward Double Dresser in the same finish as the bed. The big white dresser is from Restoration Hardware and I got a STEAL on it during their Friends and Family sale last fall. It is their St. James 11 drawer dresser in Antique White.

One of my favorite things in the room are the two little blue side tables that I got at a cute little local furniture store called Stylish Patina that specializes in chalk painted furniture. These two tables fit PERFECTLY and almost exactly match the wall paint. They are very sweet! Here's a close up. 

The rest of the furniture in the room - the big, distressed white mirror and the chair in the corner and all of the accessories and the lamps are from my favorite place on earth Homegoods! is MA FAV! Could spend many an hour wandering around that super place. Here's a close of up of one of the lamps.

The pictures hanging and most of the pillows are from another local store that I LOVE LOVE LOVE called Random Harvest which used to be like 5 minutes from my house but which just closed. I am in deep mourning (even though they have two more locations that are not that far away). They have the best pillows's proof. Sigh....I will miss them being in my neighborhood but I'll carry on - not too worry!

The window seat is one of my most favorite parts of the room. It's cozy and yet makes the room feel big and bright. I ordered the cushion from  and all you have to do is select your size and fabric and poof...insta cushion. It's a cozy spot for sure. 

So that's it! Master bedroom is complete...finally. I love it. And I promise not to redecorate it anytime soon. It's the perfect retreat for us. And a favorite spot of Buddy's. :) 

PS....Here is the inspiration board I created a few years ago. I think the room comes pretty close!