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Thursday, October 6

Dining Room Makeover...Again!

As's time to get back to the fun, fluffy design stuff. Real life is still complicated and hard but one way to get over it is for me to make our living spaces pretty. And then to completely redo those same spaces a couple of years later. Ha! So about a year or so ago, I went shopping to finish decorating the office for Mr. Difficult (OH...which, because of my extended hiatus, I still haven't shown you...more to come on that!) at our local Restoration Hardware outlet store and found this - our dream table on super sale for less than $1,000!

I literally hopped on it and bought it without hesitation. Big mistake. First, I found out it was way too big for our room. Later we realized the reason for it's ridiculous markdown (normally more than $5,000) was that the beautiful reclaimed hardwood was warped, which makes for a fun nightly dinner game of "who can avoid spilling their drink on the curvy table" each night. But did I mention it was like 1,000% off? Oh and that I am the world's most impatient person? But you know that by now. seated more people than our old, very banged up black Pottery Barn table that we bought for our first apartment and it is gorgeous, so we overlooked it's flaws. When it was delivered, I realized a total dining room makeover was necessary. Yay! And recently, I decided to finish the room. Here it is....ta daaaaa!!!

I love love love the way it came out! It's cozy yet still kind of formal. It's useable without being worn down looking. So let's break it down...You already know about the table. The chairs are all from Homegoods and were a steal! I was really iffy about chairs in this room. I wanted fabric but I have a 9 year old son who is MES-SY. So finding these chairs on sale means that if he messes them up (which he will) I won't be heartbroken. Ok...I will a little bit.

The bookshelves are Restoration Hardware  and are called the Parisian Cornice Single Shelving. And get this...if you join their membership program (like $100 for the year) you save a TON of money on everything on their site. These were normally $850 but as a member they were reduced to $637 each. You can do the math...totally worth joining. Here's a pic from their website. You can see that it's not really a typical choice for china but because the table is so darn big, I couldn't fit a huge cabinet. So I thought there were perfect.

As for styling them, that was easy. I finally broke out all of my china and crystal that we got...ahem...17 years ago when we got married. And while I'm living on the edge when soccer balls tend to fly around my house, it's worth taking the chance to have them on display.

The curtains were the biggest challenge for me in this room. I have purchased, no exaggeration, 8 different sets of curtains and then returned them all. The dark ones made the room feel small and the light ones made it feel like a hospital room. Some were expensive and some cheap. Just couldn't get it right. And just when I was about to give up, I found these panels at my favorite place on Earth....Target. Alas, because nothing is ever easy, they didn't come in the length I needed. So I ordered 5 panels instead of 4 and cut the extra panel into 4 and sewed them on the bottom of the others. And by sew I mean I used that webbing adhesive stuff and ironed them together cuz nobody got time to really sew. Here's a close up. Can you tell????

After all the pieces came together, I added the orchids and candles that I had elsewhere in the house and purchased a great platter (is that the right word?) on super sale from Pottery Barn.

And here is the evolution of this room. I still really love the most recent look - the teal blue with the black table but as I said before, the table wasn't big enough and had been rehabbed so many times it was starting to fall apart. The blue geometric chairs were cute but totally impractical because you couldn't sit on them and squeeze under the end of the table.

After we moved back into the house (2014)

Before construction (2012)

During Construction (2013)

When we first moved in. (2005)

How it looked when we bought it (previous owners)

So there ya go! ANOTHER version of this room. Former versions are all pasted below. Let's hope it's the last, but I think we can all agree it won't be.

Friday, October 3

Ask Allie: Kitty Nix's Living Room Makeover!

A few months ago I created a design board for my friend Kitty Nix. I am so excited to show you what she did with her living room. As a reminder, here was the post and here are a few pictures of the room before. You can see that she had the dark blue accent wall in the background, the tv on the side, the couch near the window and a chair in the corner. 

Here is the design board I created for the room. The theme I was going for was beachy and bright. I loved the idea of incorporating turquoise into the space. My biggest recommendation was the set up of the room. You can see in the full post that I suggested she move the couch in front of the fireplace and to move the television over the mantle. 

And here is what Kitty did with the space! Ah-mazing right? I love that she added yellow to the scheme which makes it a bright but elegant space. So let's break it down. First, she had the walls painted a pretty shade of greige - somewhere between grey and beige that her friend Heather helped her pick out and it is C2 Artisian-473P. You can see that the left the moldings white which makes them stand out. And of course, the tv made it's way over the fireplace courtesy of her husband Brad. 

Kitty found the grey credenza behind the couch on Joss & Main. I love how it mimics the white molding on the wall. The lamps are repurposed and are perfect for this table because they don't block the view of the tv. The yellow poufs are perfect for her three kids to lounge on and came from Amazon

I take credit for hunting down this grey velvet chair and fending off other buyers at Homegoods last week. Did you know they will actually hold items for you without purchasing them if you beg long enough? And it was only $249 which is a steal for the quality. You can see in the second picture that it has a nice slope and the scale is perfect for that corner. 

This is one of my favorite parts of the room. All of these paintings were created by Kitty's grandmother or her father. They are gorgeous and have obvious sentimental value which is priceless. Kitty's friend Mary suggested the layout and I really love it. 

Last weekend, Kitty went to her friend Kim's house for her 40th birthday party and saw this great teal planter. Apparently she thought it was a party favor and brought it home. It's perfect even if stolen. 

Here's a view of the bay window and the sitting area. It's a great place for games and the chairs are easily moved when she has company and needs more seating. Some of the pieces in the room have been handed down for more than 4 generations making it a beautiful and meaningful room. The rug came from Overstock and has both blue and grey tones to it. 

So there ya go! I love it and am so proud of her for doing it and for spending less than $1,500 total. It just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great look and the feeling of a whole new room. 


Design Concept - Designing On The Side
Throw Pillows - Target
Dining Rug - Target
Pot - Stolen from Kim's house. There is a warrant out. 
Grey Chair  - Home Goods
Living Rug - Overstock
Sofa Table - Joss & Main
Yellow Poufs & Teal Blanket - Amazon
Paint - C2