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Monday, March 24


The process of redecorating my office has been going swimmingly…until tonight. You will laugh - but not likely be surprised - when you hear that part of my decorating included buying a brand new 27" iMac. Ok….so we had been planning to buy one for a long time so we could consolidate the millions of pictures and videos and documents we have into one place, but having a pretty new monitor on my pretty new desk maaaaayyy have been the trigger to finally getting it.  I am so transparent.

Tonight said beautiful brand new friend in the shape of a computer crashed and according to Nate the Apple guy who called me three seconds after I hit the HELP! button, it cannot be resuscitated and now must be returned to the mother ship tomorrow for replacement.

Which led me to think about what happens when moms crash? Is there a power button you can hold down until we boot back up?  Is there a Nate to be called who can walk us through various options for successful restart?

There must be one million articles written on moms, women, equality, expectations, etc. etc. etc. I've read many of them and they bestow wisdom about how hard it is to balance life, work, family, happiness. They tell me to Lean In but also relax. They say be present and grateful but work hard. Work very very very hard.  They say we should put ourselves first but make parenting our priority. They leave my head spinning like this round colorful disc that was on my iMac tonight. 

I don't have the answers - I am not sure I even know the questions. What I do know is that more often than not I feel like I need to be unplugged, wait 30 seconds (or more) and then plugged back in. Most of the time, I will light up and start working. But every so often, I feel like my new iMac does tonight - stuck in sleep mode and not ready to reboot.

Night night!

PS - My dishwasher is also completely and seemingly permanently asleep. What gives!???!

PPS - I got in trouble from AdSense for not playing by the advertising rules. I don't even know what those are or how I broke them. But until I beg for forgiveness, you'll see some blank spots over there on the side of the blog.  Add it to the list!