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Monday, April 28

Guest Bloggin! House Tour

Hello there!  This week I will be guest blogging on a site called A Stroll Thru Life where she asked me to basically show and tell.  I thought I'd share what I'll be posting over there since it gives you a somewhat full tour of the house. Still lots to finish but getting there. Check out my post below. 

A Stroll Thru Life Guest Blog:

"Hi there! I am Allie from Designing On The Side. I am so happy to be posting here on A Stroll Thru Life. Whether it’s a big event, a small dinner party, decorating our house or a friends….nothing is better than finding time for design!

A year ago we embarked on a total renovation and addition of hour home. We moved out while they completely gutted the existing house and added 1500 square feet including 3 stories on the back. When we moved back in the decorating fun began!

The first room you see when you enter our house is the living room. I really love the way it turned out! The grey board and batten and the curtains were inspired by another blogger. I built upon that adding yellows, chrome and glass elements and the fun zebra print rug to keep it light. 

The piano in the left of the picture below was an incredibly generous gift from my parents who wanted to be sure that the piano was played by their grandchildren. So nice right? You can also see that we created a front entry by adding a half-wall and a column when we renovated. We like this much better than walking right into the living room with no separation of space. 

We also added a half bath to the main floor. I chose a bright Thibaut wallpaper for the space since it does not have any natural light. 

Next to the living room is the dining room (shocking huh?).  This room is somewhat temporary in the sense that this is not our forever furniture. But we have spent so much on the renovation and the other essentials we needed when we moved back in, I decided to reuse our old dining room furniture but spruce up the room a bit.  To do that,  I repainted the chairs from red to black and added two patterned chairs at the end. I am a big fan of bargains and got these on Overstock.

Now onto my favorite room in the house....the kitchen! I swear the entire renovation was as a result of my frustration with the tiny kitchen we used to have. So we put a lot of time and energy into designing our "dream kitchen".  Here's the result!

The absolute best part about it is the Wolf range which is worth every penny if you love to cook like I do. The fact that it had red knobs had nothing to do with my decision to buy this particular brand...but they were a bonus!

The island is one of the best parts of the room. My family congregates there every day for homework and meals and it is a great place for our guests to gather around as well when we have parties. 

The kitchen is connected to the family room to make one big open concept space and we spend most of our time in these two rooms. Here's a picture of the mantle and my favorite new chair from Crate and Barrel!

Here's a another shot of the room from the kitchen which also gives you a good image of the coffered ceilings that our builder installed. You can also see the Restoration Hardware reclaimed wood armoire we scored at the outlet for 70% off! Gotta love a bargain. 

I wanted to give the stairwell a little love and so I painted these grey and white stripes going up the stairs. 

Here's a shot of the master bathroom. It is light and airy and so high (we live on a hill) that it really feels like we are in an oasis even though we are not far from a big city. Everyone always asks me about the chandelier. I also got this on Overstock (noticing a theme here?) and it was a steal and is great quality. Highly recommend it! 

Here is the shower and some details of the tile. 

Our kids rooms were fun to decorate and I used bold colors and prints that keep them young and fun without being babyish. Here's our daughter's room. 

And this is our son's. 

Last but not least on this tour of our house is our new guest room. This was a high priority of both sets of our parents who were tired of sleeping on an air mattress every time they came to visit.  The giant reprint of Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party was a gift from an event I planned once for The Phillips Collection Museum in Washington, DC where the original lives. It is huge but I think gives a little boost to this basement room. 

So that's our far! There are still a lot of rooms we haven't tackled yet like our master bedroom and the rest of the basement. But it's a good start and you can keep up with my progress at

Thanks for having me!!!"

Friday, February 28

Living Room Reveal

I am excited to share the living room! As I said in a former post, I have to give credit where credit is due and say that I got my original inspiration for the board and batten wall (including the color) and the curtains….and, ok, I'll admit it, even the couch pillows from another blogger Life On Virginia Street. I don't normally copy things so closely but when we were in the middle of construction, I found a picture of her office and fell in love and then made it my own. 

First up is the dark grey wall which is painted in Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze in semi-gloss. The wall in our existing living room was plaster and when they started demo, it literally started falling apart. Replacing it with drywall meant adding insulation and losing precious space - which in this small room was important to us.  So I came up with the idea of adding wainscoting. I had always loved the board and batten look and we are so happy with how it turned out.  Here is the wall pre-paint during reno. 

Next up came the curtains.  Again - stolen directly from Sarah Stewart at Life on Virginia Street. The fabric is Kravet Riad in Clove.  More info here…Kravet It's pretty expensive normally but I found it on House of Fabric for less than $40 a yard. Pretty good deal.  I immediately sent the fabric to my mother - who is a master sewer and she went to work. The final product is gorgeous and about half the price if I had ordered them at retail price and had them made. Score!

The piano was a ridiculously generous gift from my parents. It is a stunning Kawai baby grand that my dad gave my mom for her 40th birthday. They loved hearing their grandkids plunk away on it over the holidays and shortly after had it shipped here. I was a music major in college so I couldn't be more excited. And the thought of the kids learning how to play makes us all really happy.

All of the pillows in the room he came from Etsy. The floral ones are a Schumacher fabric. The throw is from West Elm and is ridiculously soft. I also picked up the ceramic vases on the table there as well. The little topiaries are from Restoration Hardware. They are the only fake plants in our house. I have a strong dislike of fake plants otherwise. They always just seem dusty to me. 

The carpet is from Overstock and keeps the space from being too stuffy. The tables are from Lamps Plus which has some really great reasonably priced pieces. The couch is from Wayfair. I hated the pillows that came with it - so they went straight to the garbage and replaced with my much prettier ones. And the bench came from Homegoods

Take a look at this shot of the room after initial demo. 

The inspiration for the color scheme in this room came from a painting in inherited from my grandparents. I have no idea who it's by but I love it.  

I am so happy with the way it turned out. I think it's elegant without being stuffy. Bright without being too obnoxious. No doubt there are some really expensive pieces in here (piano!) but most of the other pieces I found on sale or found a less expensive version of something I saw at a higher end store. And it matches the powder room - which is visible from the living room. I'll post pictures of that later.

OH!  And of course…I can't forget about the gorgeous new stripes that I added on the stairway wall. I am not quite done with those yet - but I will post as soon as I do.

Just for fun…here are some pictures before.  And before before…..This is when we bought the house in 2005. My little one was LITTLE!! One to be exact.

And here is the living room last year. Pre-reno. 

What a difference a year makes!