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Wednesday, January 7

Ellen's New Design Show...A Sign of the (Decor) Times?

If there was ever a sign that home decor is at an all time high in terms of public interest, then it's the fact that Ellen DeGeneres has a new furniture show premiering on HGTV later this month. HGTV!!  A comedian turned talk show host and now furniture design expert???

Photo Courtesy of HGTV
It may not be completely out of left field - home design and decor is not a new interest of Ellen's. She and her wife, fellow actress Portia De Rossi have long been known for their sense of style and their gorgeous homes. Here are a few shots from their horse farm in the Santa Monica mountains (courtesy of Elle Decor). 

Ellen's new show will pit six furniture designers against each other in a series of contests where she will eliminate a designer each week leaving just one to win the $100,000 prize. While venturing outside of her comedic roots isn't something new for Ellen (American Idol anyone?) the fact that she is putting her name on a decor based show on HGTV is significant. It signals an ever increasing level of viewer interest in all things home design which as I have noted before, is big business these days. 

Need further proof of the trend of celebs dipping their toes into the lucrative tv world of home design? Rapper Common will premiere his new show called Framework on SpikeTV with a very similar format to Ellen's show where furniture designers and award a $100,000 prize as well.  

Photo Courtesy of Spike
Add to Ellen and Common 80s icons Vanilla Ice and Jennie Garth along with hip hop legend Reverend Run who is documenting his home renovation. It's a bonafide home decor feeding frenzy! 

So what is behind the trend? One could argue that celebs have a lot of disposable income and love to spend it on their glamorous homes and a LOT of free time. But perhaps the bigger story here is an ever growing audience of people like me and the advertising and programming dollars that follow. In fact, in the third quarter of 2013, HGTV was the most watched cable network among viewers whose household income exceeded $100,000. A lucrative demographic, an almost incurable appetite for all things design AND main stream celebrities? Put them all together and you have a recipe for success!

So who is next on the list of celebs with home decor shows? I vote for Ben Affleck and Jen Garner personally! How awesome would that be? A girl can dream no?