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Thursday, September 10

Fall 2015 Home Tour

Hi there and welcome to Designing on the Side! If you have just joined us from the last stop on the 2015 Fall Home Tours, I hope you enjoyed seeing the great decor at designPostinteriors. I am obsessed with her style and her blog. Love everything about it!

I was so glad when Marty from A Stroll Thru Life asked me to once again be a part of her home tours. In case you missed it, here was our Summer Home Tour. Summer has come and gone, and even though I am sad to see the lazy days go, I am NOT sad to say goodbye to the heat and humidity of a Washington, DC summer. It's been brutal and I am ready for cool, crisp days.

Halloween is my fav! Our community goes all out with a huge bonfire in the local park, a neighborhood parade and costume contest, and more than a few house/porch parties for the adults to enjoy while out trick or treating with the kiddos.

I've found a lot of cute stuff at different stores that make the house festive without being tacky - a little tricky when it comes to this particular holiday. Don't get me wrong...we have plenty of weird and creepy outdoor decor but I try to keep the inside a little more tasteful. Here's how it looks. 

Great Room


Advent (?) calendar in the kitchen. 


Ornaments in the living room

Tiny haunted houses on the piano

Last year's dining table decor

While I loved last year's dining table decor, for this early Fall time period I decided to go in a different direction. I thought a transitional look would be fun to try. First I started by making this centerpiece using flowers, as well as artichokes, plums and limes. I really love how it turned out!

The dining room is still very much a work in process. I don't love the black chairs and hutch but I am on an unfortunate spending hiatus while we save money for our front porch (more on that below). So they will have to do for now. I do LOVE this reclaimed wood trestle table found at the Restoration Hardware outlet which normally sells for more than $3,500 and I got for $900! A total steal!

Here's a shot looking into the dining room from the pantry. The wallpaper is Thibaut Downing Gate and the curtains are from none other than Target (my favorite place on earth). 

When I can finally afford to buy new chairs, I am seriously considering these plum ones - to add some color to the room. They are from World Market and I really love them. Hoping they are still available and on sale when it's time to buy. 

Oh..and here is a painting our builder did of what the house will look like when the front porch is done. I cannot wait. Halloween porch party 2016 here we come!!!

Hope you enjoyed Fall..Designing on the Side style. Next up on the tour is Life Love Larson and you will DIE for her style. Visit now and enjoy!!! 

~ Allie 

Sunday, April 6

Dining Room Reveal

Next up on the tour of rooms is the dining room. By the way...everyone tells me to go slow revealing rooms since I only have a finite amount to show you...but patience has never been my thing. So once I get through them all, I will just start redecorating them all over again! (Somewhere my husband just screamed). Drumroll it is!

Confession:  This room is somewhat temporary. Our plan is to get a bigger table and matching chairs and a hutch or sideboard. We still have some major expenses right now including adding a full front porch and a backyard patio, so instead of rushing and buying an "affordable" dining room set that I don't really want, I decided to spruce up our current set and make it work for now. Honestly though, I love how it turned out so much that I am not in any rush to change it.

The look I was going for in this room was really light and bright and airy - probably because of our impossibly long, cold dark winter this year. Also because our dining room before was fun, but very dark. Check it out:

One of the big things we wanted to do when we started the renovation was make the dining room bigger so we could fit a table for 10. So we took about 2 feet from the old kitchen and expanded the room.

You can see that we also widened the doorway into what is now the butler's pantry and created an arch to match the other arch into the dining room. 

Since this isn't our "forever" dining room, I didn't spend much money in here at all.  First up, I painted the red chairs black.  I followed the directions I found online VERY carefully but alas, repainting furniture is not my strongest talent. They look good from afar, but they are a bit too textured to be perfect. First up, I searched long and hard for what I read was the perfect paint to do these things.  It is Benjamin Moore Super Spec DTM Acrylic in Low Lustre.  I found it at my local paint store. 

This is after one coat using a foam roller brush.  

After I let it dry, I sanded it down and applied another coat. And then I painted on a two coats of polyurethane from Minwax. The first time I used a satin, but it wasn't as shiny as the other chairs. So the second time, I did it in a high gloss....much better!

 And in the end, this is how it turned out. 

From afar, they look fine. But they are no competition for the two actual Pottery Barn ones that we  have. But hey, they cost me less than $20 to paint - so that makes them beautiful to me!

Here are the elements of the room:
First up, these curtains are from the Threshold collection at Target and are $24.99 each! A total steal.  They look really great in person and hold up in my opinion to the much more expensive version you can get at any of the big retail stores. 

The wallpaper is by Thibaut from their Neutral Resources Collection. The pattern is Downing Gate and the color is Grey on White.  I stole this idea directly from another blogger who lives near Boston who did her own whole house reno last year. Her's was in a different color but I fell in love - check it out Views From Summit

The rug is from Pottery Barn and since it was being discontinued, I got the floor sample (which was actually hanging on a wall in the store) for 40% off!  They didn't advertise that BTW - I just asked if I could have the floor sample and the manager OFFERED the discount. Crazy!!!

These chairs I got on Overstock and they are called the Melrose Chain Wingback chair. They come in a pair and they were $230 total ($115 each) and the best part is that they arrived fully assembled and ready to go.  I was a wee bit worried about the chain pattern and how it would go (or clash) with the wallpaper, but somehow it works. 

The table runner, the candle holders and the vase are all from Pottery Barn. I could have done the table a million different ways and I am normally totally and completely adverse to fake flowers of any kind, but this looks pretty. So I am breaking my own rule. Plus, I can always swap them out for real hydrangeas if/when we have a dinner party. 

This painting was one of the inspirations for the colors in the room. I got it years ago at a Junior League holiday show and it is from Gallery 1401 in Chattanooga, TN. I've never been to Tennessee!  May just have to go and visit them and find more great art work. 

The chandelier is from Shades of Light and is their Springfield Linen Chandelier and was one of the more expensive pieces in the room but I really love it.  

Here's a picture of the room during renovation. It was a disaster for quite a large part of the process. The old refrigerator stayed exactly in that spot until about 3 weeks before moved in. We were very happy to see it go!!

And here is how it looked pre-wallpaper. 

And back to today!

So there's another room reveal in the books.