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Tuesday, January 25

Boy's Bedroom Makeover!

Hi gang! In my usual fashion, it's been a year or so since I posted here. I should just rename this blog "I post in the dead of winter when I have very little going on and feel compelled to redo like 3 rooms in less than a month".  I know you can all relate!  Anyway, I recently completely a total reno of our mudroom (pics coming soon!), a little refresh on our basement tv room AND I redecorated my 14 year old son's bedroom. PHEW! The good news is that I haven't been bored or plagued by the winter blues. 

When he came to me and said he wanted to repaint his room, I was a little surprised. We had redone it in late 2017 and I thought it still held up as workable for his age, but then he pointed out his dinosaur sheets and I realized a refresh was indeed in order. It's so sad when they grow out of footy pjs and dino sheets isn't it? 

We decided to keep the Stikwood on the walls - mostly because it was too hard to take down but change the paint color. He really wanted all white which I was excited about since I am slowly painting my entire house white it seems (ha ha ha...not really but kind of) but I wanted to paint one wall black. And here is the result. (Trigger alert: I am too tired to drag out my good camera and really edit these so iphone pics is what you are all gonna have to deal with for this post...sorry, not sorry).

The black paint is Sherwin Williams (swatch and link below). Despite the name, it doesn't read green to me at all. And contrary to what we all heard when we were young, it definitely doesn't make the space dark or depressing. I really love it!

The rest of the walls are all Sherwin Williams Alabaster - which is the color of all the trim and doors in my house, and now more than one room (my sister in law is rolling her eyes reading this).  Here are a few more shots: 

I really love the bedding I got which is a mix of The Company Store (duvet and shams) and blanket, sheets and throws from Target. It all came together so well and is cozy and fluffy and grown-up(ish). But I still miss the dinos. I left Deadpool there though...never too old for Deadpool right? 

The rug is from Rugs USA and is called the Gray Overlapping Striped Bands Area Rug (the person who named it gets paid by the word). It's a really nice soft rug but thin. The only issue is that I bought the wrong size and it's about 4 inches too long. But the idea of wrapping it up and shipping it back seemed like more than I could mentally handle during this never ending gray month of January. So I just rolled it over and tucked it under the furniture. Who is gonna know, am I right? Here's a close up of the rug: 

You can see that we added a lot of vinyl covers to the walls - both of my kids are big into records these days. We also got him this really cool record player from Burke Decor. Not cheap but the sound quality is so much better than the other one we have. Worth the investment if you are into music!

The desk area is entirely teen boy design and I am 100% ok with that. Two screens, a gaming chair, tons of Star Wars pavraphanial, lots of books that he's reread a hundred times, his Xbox, and his favorite sneakers, it's perfect. I wouldn't change a thing! 

And here is the best part of the whole room, which was a last minute "what should we do with these LED lights we got for Christmas?" moment. So easy - we just peeled and stuck one string on the footboard and one on the head board and BOOM coolest lighting ever! He can control them with an app on his phone and switch between colors and even do a little light show to the beat of whatever music is playing. It's like a rave in there...for nerdy (said with love) teens.

So there ya go! A teen room makeover. The only downside is that it only took about 3 days to finish and now I have to do real work. Waaaahhhhh! What room is next my friends??? Nobody knows! Before I sign off for another year, here are the before pics. It was so cute in 2017 when we first did it. And then a hot mess right before the most recent reno. Enjoy!

Friday, March 31

Basement Makeover!

It's hard to believe it's been four years since we moved out of our house, gutted it and added on three stories - including a much ignored basement. Thanks to my obsessive decorating compulsion, I have decorated each room in this house at least twice...with the exception of the basement. But all that has changed my friends and I am SUPER duper excited to share with you the result. Here is the before:

And from another angle.

And now the after!

Ta da! What do you think? My goal with this space was to be warm and cozy yet still elegant. I wanted it to be a happy place for all of us to hang out in and I designed it especially for my husband who has long waited for a room of his own. Ha! The paint color is Benjamin Moore Evening Dove and it's the perfect shade of grayish blue. Not too dark and great for a media/game room.

But let's talk about the wall. THE WALL! It is amazing. Truly. And the very best part about it is that it is peel and stick and it took us just a few hours to install. PEEL AND STICK PEOPLE!!! Real wood. Dare I say that it was one of the easiest and most impactful home improvement projects ever? I think I shall!! The "S" is for our last name and we've had forever. Love this spot for it.

The reclaimed wood on the wall is from Stikwood and I must give credit where it's husband found it online. For years we talked about doing this and explored lots of options including pallets but truthfully they sounded like a big old pain in the butt. Finding the pallets, breaking them down, pulling nails out, cutting them and installing thanks. So when a Google search for "reclaimed wood walls for lazy dummies' made Stikwood come up, we were thrilled. Super simple, easy to use and gorgeous! Totally in love and highly recommend (and no, they aren't paying me - I'm just that big of a fan)!

The next project was the barn door. When we renovated the house, this room was an add on and because we had a guest room on that same level, we did not feel like a door was necessary. Never one to give up a good design opportunity, a barn door quickly made the project list. I got this one from The Home Depot and as my awesome neighbor who saw me trying to lift it out of my car on my own during a snow storm will tell you, it is incredibly heavy. Frankly, it's a miracle my kids didn't come home and find me Flat Stanley underneath it in the snow. Thank God for Tom the neighbor! Installing this was no joke and may have included a few choice words but it was so worth it. It's gorgeous and really makes the room. 

I saved about $500 buying an unfinished door and staining it myself. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Here's the before. The stain I bought went on in one coat no problemo.

One of the first things we bought when we decided to finally redecorate this room, was, of course, the giant TV. This one is a Samung smart tv that we got for a steal at the BJs around the corner. It is beautiful and everything a giant tv in a man cave should be.

So once we got the tv we had to find a media console or cabinet to fit it in. I think we explored every single option out there until we settled on the Ikea Liatorp set in grey. It came, and I am not exaggerating, in 9 boxes. NINE! And God love him, my husband painfully put each piece together. I will say that Ikea furniture has come a long, long way. It is really quite impressive in terms of quality, and compared to the other options we looked at, it was a bargain my friends.

Here's a shot of the nd of the room complete with a nod to my husband's alma mater Notre Dame. We are all set for football Saturdays next Fall. The striped lamp shade and the pillows all came from other places in our house but look better in here. I'm a big fan of shopping in your own house.

This air hockey table is what started the whole thing. This was a Christmas present and is now our family's favorite game. It is from Frontgate and I purchased it way back on Black Friday with a 40% discount. SCORE! ha ha

The roman shade is from Home Depot and they will cut them to fit your window for about 1/3 of the price of any of those window covering companies. Highly recommend them!

In case you haven't gotten it by now, I LOVE a discount. In fact, I don't think I've ever bought anything full price - especially online. There is always a discount code to be used. This pretty leather chair came from the Restoration Hardware outlet store near us. There is a teeny, tiny white mark on the arm but other than that, it's perfect. And comfy! It is on the regular RH website for $3300 in this size and style and we got it for less than a 1/3 of that which makes me love it that much more. The pillow is one I had in a different room and is a pretty Schumacher print I found on Etsy.

The dart board is also from Frontgate and I got this for FREE (no joke) because the first air hockey table they sent us was damaged and had to be replaced. They sent us a gift certificate for our tremendous pain and suffering and VOILA...we used it for some dart throwing action. The license plates underneath it are part decoration, part restoration. Apparently neither me nor my kids have very good eye sight or arm control and so tin plates protecting the wall were necessary. All of these were purchased legally from Ebay and represent places we've lived or worked.

Another shot of the room....

So let's talk about that ottoman shall we? Since you know me pretty well by now, you know I didn't get this on some fancy furniture website. Nope...I recovered this bad boy myself y'all. True story. How you ask???? Some great (discounted) fabric and my trusty staple gun.

Here is the before. This was a really old and pretty beat up leather storage ottoman we have had for years. I started by unscrewing the lid and taking it off. Then I just went to town with my staple gun, folding and shooting for about an hour. And there ya go...instant covered ottoman!

I found this great little side table at Home Goods but wanted to jazz it up a bit and make if fit the sporty theme of the room. So I painted these stripes to make it sort of kind of look like a basketball court. This is about as crafty as I get. I am terrible at crafts so I am proud of this puppy for sure. 

So there you have it...basement redux complete! We love it and have spent the majority of our time there since completing it. Welllll, except for the time I've spent redecorating my living room, but that's another blog post altogether!

Until the next room....
- Allie