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Wednesday, May 21

Master Bedroom Planning In Progress!

When we moved into our house in December, I swore I wouldn't rush into decorating our entire house too quickly. You know by now that I didn't keep that promise - not even for one second. But now that we have run out of money (ha!) I am forced to stop and take a breath before I dive into designing our master bedroom. Here are a few pictures of how it looks right now - obviously the "temporary" faux-wood blinds will be the first thing to go!

The paint in real live is a little more grey than it looks in these pictures. Here is the color swatch from Sherwin Williams. It is from the Pottery Barn paint collection and is called Rain. 
Below is a picture of a room I fell in love and showed to our architect early on in the process. You can see that I pretty much copied it - down to the window bench. It's by Great Neighborhood Homes and to quote the great Rachel Zoe…I die for it!

I want the room to be really sophisticated and somewhat muted. I have a lot of bold colors all over the house and I'd like this room to stay very calm and serene. Our bed will be big and white and fluffy and I'll bring in just a few pops of color (man…I hate that term). I am going to start by figuring out what kind of bed I want. I am leaning towards a fabric one but I worry a little bit about the wear and tear of the two little monkeys that are constantly jumping on our bed.  I like this one from Restoration Hardware from their Maison collection.

I also like this one from my inspiration room.

I like this one from Urban Home and it's super cheap at $599. I'd have to do some digging to find out about the quality but it looks good. 

This Chesterfield bed from Pottery Barn is pretty too - very inviting!
After we pick the bed (or maybe before!) I will start ordering fabrics to make a window bench cushion and pillows for the bed. I think I will go with some type of solid color for the cushion with some throw pillows like these two in Schumacher prints. I know - they are hardly muted but I love them. What can I say…some things never change!

The furniture - with the exception of the new bed - in the room is a sad mix of things we have had since college and most of it is broken so none of it will make it back into the redecorated space. Which gives us a blank slate to start with. One thing I can't stand is matchy matchy so I will NOT be buying a full bedroom set. It just seems weird to me. I am toying with the idea of a mirrored dresser but worry I will grow tired of that and may stay with more traditional pieces. I really like this Ethan Allen room and it's layered textures and eclectic feel. Notice the metal table next to the chair and the different types of wood - the side tables and the legs on the benches. No matchy matchy here!

Let the dreaming begin!