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Thursday, July 10

I Am Lost In The Bermuda Triangle (And Other Excuses for Not Writing)

I am not even going to apologize for going AWOL again because let's face it, at this point my excuses are hollow. Take for instance if I told you that I haven't been able to write because I've had a crazy busy time at work. Or that my kids are home ALL THE TIME and need to be fed and entertained constantly. Or the fact that last week we were on vacation and had to leave the Outer Banks because of impending Hurricane Arthur. You just wouldn't buy I'll save my breath.  In the words of my college friend and fellow blogger, it turns out writing isn't hugely compatible with working/parenting/breathing. If, ok let's face it...when, I fall off the internet again, and you want some good laughs, read her stuff at Mother Fickle. Just try to ignore that she is not only hilarious, but gorgeous if you can.

Anyway my non-fiction early end to our beach trip last week has me in full sunshine planning mode. This is (gulp) the year of our 40th birthdays and our 15th wedding anniversary and we've been looking for ways to celebrate (besides the big party planned in December and a girls trip for me in the Fall which are just not enough). Since my parents more than generously offered to take the kids for the week and wear them out at the Wisconsin Dells, the self-proclaimed "water park capital of the world", we pulled the trigger and booked a week long trip to Bermuda!  I cannot wait.  I mean I literally cannot wait. I LOVE Bermuda for many reasons. First, it's where my parents went on their honeymoon and where they took us as little kids. It is a totally gorgeous tropical paradise that is less than 3 hours from our house AND you get to zip all over the island on scooters. there a better place on earth?

After hours and hours reading the 12,000 reviews of Bermuda hotels on TripAdvisor and getting all important advice from friends on Facebook, we settled on the Rosewood Tucker's Point. Highly recommended by my friend I lovingly call Fancy Pants (behind her back of course) who never steers me wrong. And I am sure she'd have a similar and funnier name for me.  I don't want to make you too too jelly, but here are the pics of the hotel (all from their website).

Part of the reason I fell in love with this hotel in particular was the quintessential "Bermuda" style of it's decor. Lots of muted foundation tones with tons of bright accent colors. It is a theme in my own house and one that I think is good for people who are easily bored with their decor and want to change it regularly. If you keep the main palette simple, you can accent with great (hate to use this term) pops of color.

This House Beautiful article on a Bermuda style home built in Naples, FL really illustrates the concept of using bold colors without having your house look like a Crayola box exploded. There's white in every room (or other neutral color) that anchors the brighter hues.

Now, not many (if any) of us have gorgeous Bermuda-like ocean front homes to decorate, but I've seen this style recreated in such exotic places as Nebraska. One of my favorite designers who has mastered this technique is Martha O'Hara.  Here are a few of my favorite rooms she's done - all pics from Houzz. 

And how about these gorgeous shots that I also found on Houzz that use neutrals with bright colors layered on top. It's so refreshing and fun but not forever. You could easily switch out pillows or lampshades or even a rug or two and change the entire look of these rooms.

I will do my very very best not to get lost in the Bermuda triangle...but hey, that would be one hell of an excuse for not writing right?