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Thursday, May 1

Inspired By: Sarah Richardson

Looking back at my life, I think I was always into design. I redecorated my bedroom about a million times when I was little and the year I had my own room in my sorority, I spent the entire summer before we moved in picking out my linens, selecting small pieces of furniture to bring in and even putting up a valance.  Yep a valance…in a dorm room.  Lest you don't believe….here's proof.  {KKG at Northwestern circa 1998}. It's amazing I had any friends at all. 

(BTW - my mother who is my partner in crime has always been an accomplice in my design. She made pretty much everything you see in this picture). 

It's clear that creating unique spaces has been in my blood since birth, but the first time I really remember being inspired by a designer was when I discovered a fellow Canadian gal named Sarah Richardson

There are many elements of Sarah's design work that I love, but more than that, I just love her sense of humor and her ability to laugh at herself. If you haven't seen it, she has had several shows on HGTV and in Canada - one of which was Design Inc. Sarah and her sidekick Tommy are hysterical and have fun decorating - which lets face it, it should be.  I really think we could all be friends if we could only meet.  

There are way too many of Sarah's rooms for me to show you but I'll try to pick a few of my favs.  First  up is the nursery that she did for her first child. I am obsessed with the way that she used bright colors without being obnoxious and how pretty it is without being babyish. If we ever had a third (ha ha ha!) I would totally copy this look right down to the adorable headless giraffe lamp. 

Another room that she transformed on one of her other shows called Sarah's 101was a basement. You can see in the first picture that she created definition in the space by selecting two large cabinets which not only define the room, but add a ton of storage. 

Since red is my favorite color, I love this room even more. But what really inspires me is the mix of pattens, textures and design elements. Look at the picture of the patterned chair and then note the striped pillow, the diamond drapes, the floral lamp. It should clash but it really doesn't. It's just beautiful. 

I've picked a few of her bolder designs, but a lot of Sarah's rooms have pastel colors. Here's a living room that is totally gorgeous. 

Last but not least on my list of favs is the living room from Sarah's cottage. If you aren't Canadian, you probably aren't familiar with the concept of cottages but with the ample number of lakes not far from Toronto, many families have small cottages that they go to every weekend and most of the summer. I have such incredible memories of my high school friends' cottages and swimming and canoeing in the clear lakes. Ahh….

Needless to say, most people's cottages doesn't look like Sarah's but maybe with a little love (and a lot of money!) they could.  Here's some pics of the living room which is the place I would spend every waking moment of my life if I were her.

So thanks Sarah…my long lost, never to be friend friend! I love your design, your sense of humor and your cottage (just maybe not in that order!).