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Friday, January 12

Stairwell Remodel!

So let's just go ahead and ignore the fact that I haven't posted since last April. I'm tired of making excuses and you are tired of hearing them. Let's just say 2017 was not the best year and leave it at that. But HELLO GORGEOUS 2018! How you doin??? The good news about all the crappy things in that happened last year is that I channeled my sadness into decorating. Which is only slightly better than chocolate cake in terms of comfort. Perhaps not so good for my savings account but it certainly helped. And now that it's all's time to share! Wheeee!

So let's start with the stairs that lead from our main level down to the basement. You'll recall that last year I redecorated our entire basement and love, love, LOVE the way it turned out. You can see all the pics and details here. But the makeover only made the horribly ugly stairs that take you there that much more painful to lay eyes on. Here's what we are talking about.

UGH! Where to begin? The carpet looks peach next to the wall color. The stains in this high traffic area - ick! The weird un-matching walls - half drywall and half stucco. The painful (literally) light fixture that induced more than one headache. All around pretty dismal. I had long set my sights on making these over. During our home addition a few years ago, I asked our builder if we could make these stairs wooden and he said they couldn't be changed without significant work and so we just threw the carpet over them. But they have never been pretty. Here's how they looked before the house was renovated. 

Now you get it...nothing but ugly. Which is what one expects from a 75 year old house. After the sad march up and down them for the last 13 years we have owned this house I finally had enough. I started brainstorming ideas for how to transform them. Here were some of my inspo from Pinterest

It took me about 5 months to find a contractor who could do the work in the price range I could afford and then another 2 weeks or so before the work was completed. And HEEEERREEEE is the final result...ready for it? 

Amaze right? So good! And soooo much better. So here's the details. First, despite how good they look, we did not rebuild the stairs. Instead we used these very cool wood tread covers. They literally sit on top of, in our case, your ugly utility basement steps turning them into glorious real steps. Our contractor brought them in unfinished, fitted them and then stained them to match the floors on the rest of the main level. Presto! Insta-stairs. 

And then, to satisfy my inner Joanna, I had him install "ship lap" on the bottom half of the stairs. This covered the ugly stucco and made both sides of the stairwell match. We also had an electrician come in and remove the side wall light fixture and replace it with a recessed light in the ceiling. Last step was creating a family photo wall to showcase many years of good memories. 

The paint color is Sherwin Williams Pavestone - which is a few shades darker than the rest of our main level which is painted Repose Gray. 

The end result is me skipping down the stairs every chance I get and a stairwell that matches the prettiness of the rest of the basement. I love how it turned out and would love to hear what you guys think. And if you live in the metro DC area, let me know and I'll share the name of our contractor who was awesome. 

Until next time fellow decor lovers!

Monday, August 25

I Want To Be Joanna Gaines When I Grow Up!

If you are obsessed with home design - like I obviously am - then you must also be obsessed with HGTV like I am. Yesterday HGTV ran an all day marathon of their show Fixer Upper. If you haven't seen it, you must watch it. The show centers around a Texas couple Joanna and Chip Gaines who renovate and design houses for clients. What I like best about it (other than their great relationship and the fact that she still looks like a model despite having 4 kids) is her incredible sense of style and design. All of that to say I have a major girl crush on Joanna and wish I could be her when I grow up (ha ha!).

Check out some of their work. I love the way she uses vintage pieces in a modern way. It's country without being kitchsy. On the show she finds rustic pieces from her own farm or from local stores and  uses them in very clean and bright spaces. The result is gorgeous and makes me want to redecorate our entire house already. I will use it as inspiration for our great/family room which has some of these elements and just needs a tweaking and editing.

Joanna writes a blog which you can read here and I am really inspired by her look at life and dealing with the complexities of filming a show, being a mother to four kids and staying on top everything. I can so relate to the post she wrote on being a procrastinator versus a responder. As we get ready for the madness of the Fall to begin, I hope to be able to get out ahead of life by being organized so I can then be in the moment and actually enjoy it. So without seeming like crazy stalker lady, I really hope to be more like Joanna both in style and spirit. Happy Monday!