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Thursday, April 3

Ask Allie - Amy's Master Bedroom

After I graduated from high school, my parents VERY bravely let me move to New York City to study  at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). A slightly less glamorous version of FAME, it was everything an aspiring Broadway star could ever dream of. We were 18, living in the biggest city in the world and spending our days singing, dancing and acting. Here's a shot of us before a play about I can't remember what.  I'm the one with the giant bow.  Well on my way to stardom…obviously.

We were assigned apartments in a totally run-down building on the Upper West Side (79th and Amsterdam to be exact) that had no outgoing phone lines and a night club in the lobby. We took showers with the tub already full of dirty water that wouldn't drain and we had a roommate that lived in the kitchen. The cockroaches had names and some old guy died in one of the elevators. All true stories.   

After I moved in, and watched my parents leave in horror, I got to meet my roomies. All 6 of them…in one apartment.  My favorite one was the incomparable Amy Warner from California. Amy was everything you would want to hate in a musical theatre roomie - impossibly talented and enviously tiny despite eating non-stop. You would really want to hate her, but you just couldn't because she was such a cool chick. Here's us from sometime in the 90s (as evidenced by my sweater). It's blurry because apparently old fashion cameras forced you to actually point, focus and then shoot. 

Fun fact - our second year in NYC, Amy and I lived with Amy Matthews of DIY Network fame. I have some pretty hysterical pictures of all of us that I will spare her from sharing. Here's pretty shot of her instead. I'll save the other ones for future blackmail when I need some DIY help. 

We have all since moved on from our time in NYC and by this point, you are asking yourself what the hell this has to do with decorating right?  I know...get to the point.  Well, Amy asked for some ideas about what color to paint her master bedroom. And ta da!  Here's what I suggested. 

So what's the deal:

1. When Amy emailed me, she said that the current color of the walls - khaki - was one of her least favorite words in life.  Couldn't agree more. So knowing that she likes bold accent colors, I am suggesting she go with Benjamin Moore's Silver Fox. It actually appears a bit taupe online but reads grey in person.  And it's gorgeous. 

2. This is Amy's current rug in her bedroom which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. First of all, my favorite color is red. Second, this is bold and cool and just all around awesome. I told her I want it. 

3. I liked this inspiration room - not necessarily because it is Amy's style - but because of how the designer incorporated the multi-color wall with the red, grey and white elements. I picked this because Amy told me she likes to pick eclectic patterns and styles and put them together. Painting the walls this color grey will allow her to mix and match to her heart's delight. 

4. This is their current dresser. I like the color because it grounds the room. Her beside table (not shown) is a cool blue color and I suggest she keep them as they are. I am NOT a fan of the matchy matchy. So I say mix em up!

5. This is their headboard.  You may not be able to see it, but each of the buttons is a different color. So awesome!  With a grey wall, this headboard will read lighter in the room and be a blank canvas for whatever linens she wants to use. 

6. This inspiration room really caught my eye because it incorporates all the colors I think will work in Amy's bedroom. And because I want those chairs (and so does Amy btw).  Gotta find them!

7. Benjamin Moore Silver Fox 2108

8.  This a shot of Amy's door. I included it because she is planning to paint the trim around the door white. 

She didn't ask my opinion about anything other than the paint colors, but c'mon…I can't resist. So, for her bed linens, I suggest going with whites and greys and using their current red comforter at the foot of the bed.  You know - folded up like they do in them fancy hotels.   

I think she could also incorporate purple into the room somehow. Check out how the red, grey and purple go together in these shots. 

After sending the design board to Amy, she told me she loved it (no surprise there!) but worried that the  grey might be too dark - so here are a few other fabulous shades of grey that she could try. All from Benjamin Moore and all are lighter than Silver Fox. 

So that's what I suggest.  Keep the questions coming!  Send your design questions to Ask Allie at