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Wednesday, April 23


A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about my friend Cathy McCann from our days in Chicago who had just lost her little girl Sadie to Aicardi Syndrome.  You can read that post called "What Really Matters" here.  Her loss was sudden - to me and to those that had followed her journey on her mom's blog- but her pain was familiar as I watched my sister deal with the pain of losing her little girl 5 years before Sadie died.

But like my sister and her husband before them, Cathy and her husband Adin decided that being justifiably bitter and hurt was not the path they wanted to take. Instead, they too have chosen to turn Sadie's legacy into one of kindness and generosity.

For the next several weeks, leading up to the May 3rd celebration of Sadie's life, friends and strangers from all across the country will be completing random acts of kindness in Sadie's honor. From donating food or necessities to shelters, to bringing treats to an animal rescue, to paying for a stranger's meal, to helping the's all started to happen and you can see some of the great acts on the Friends of Sadie McCann Facebook page.

Here is the card that Cathy and Adin will use to honor Sadie and the acts of kindness she inspires.

 Cathy says she was inspired by two websites Random Acts of Kindness and The Bday Project.  

The story of Cathy and Adin's plan to honor Sadie with acts of kindness was featured on a cool website called The Mighty. 

That story was even picked up by none other than Khloe Kardashian!  How crazy is that? Check it out 

One of the things my husband and I often talk about is the lack of service and giving back our children participate in. It's something that is incredibly valuable and important to us, yet we never seem to find the time in our crazy mixed up lives to fit it in. But no more excuses.  Sadie, and my niece Zoe, are sitting on my shoulder telling me to give back, get involved and be kind. 

So whatdya say? Can you join me and make time to be kind to a stranger, a friend, someone in need? If so, post it to Sadie's Facebook page and let her, and her amazing, awesome, inspiring parents know you did it because of them. 

Here's to you sweet Sadie! And the legacy of kindness you...and your amazing parents...are giving the world.