Thursday, February 14

Teen Room Makeover!

It's a good thing the date headers on this blog don't show what year my last post was huh? Welp...yeah t's been about a year. How does that keep happening? Apparently, I am bad at regularly blogging but I am good at redecorating all the rooms in my house over and over and I have a great new post for you guys RIGHT NOW! Lucky ducks.

Last year I decided to redo my kids rooms - even though we had done them about 5 years ago when we moved back into our house. But there's a BIG difference between my then 4th grade daughter and the freshman in high school she is now ( did that happen??) So it was time to ditch the big pink and white polka dots on the navy blue walls and go for something slightly more sophisticated. And voila! Here it is...

Ok so first things first. We painted the entire room (see original dark color below) to a pretty grey color which is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. It's soft and we have it in other rooms throughout our house so we already knew we'd love it.

Then on the ends of the room, we had faux shiplap installed. By faux I mean, it's actually trim that's flipped over and installed. Was so easy (for the installers...not for me. No way I could have made it look that good. Ha ha!)

My main sources for this room are the same as always...Target and HomeGoods including all the lamps and most of the wall decor. The cute couch was once in our living room. I just bought a cover for it and repurposed it. And the bed was Pottery Barn Kids from ages ago. 

Two things really inspired me for doing this room. The first is this gorgeous painting that once belonged to my grandmother. My daughter used to dance and she loved this painting when she was little.  The gold and white and gray fit in perfectly and I love that it has family history. 

And the second is this doorknob. I'm so glad we decided not to replace the doors upstairs in the house when we did the renovation. It was tempting since the house was built in 1945 and the doors are creaky but it was worth keeping them for these knobs. They are so pretty and classic. 

The dresser is from Restoration Hardware's Teen line and I love it. Actually I loved her old dresser too and spent a fortune on it when I first got pregnant but it was built terribly and the drawers never opened and closed right. It was time for a bigger nicer one and this was the perfect size. It also has this cool top that is meant for jewelry but that we are using to display some of her treasures.

That's it! Pretty, light, soft and not too mature. She loves it and so do I! But then again, I loved the navy white and pink too. Wonder what it will look like in 5 more years! :)