Friday, January 19

Ask Allie: My Mom & Dad's New Dining Room

Late last summer, my parents sold their GORGEOUS farm (and I use that term loosely since it had neither an actual farm, nor animals) in Wisconsin and moved to our area outside DC. We as a family LOVED "Pinewoods" as it was called, but as they get older ( mother just spit at her screen) it was time to downsize a bit and be closer to family. First...a trip down memory lane. Here's their house in Wisconsin.

How amazing was this place? Literally over the river and through the Grandma's house we used to go. There are so many memories in that place and we will really miss it. But as a child we moved a lot and I have learned that houses are just places and that the memories are more important than the place. I am proud of my parents for picking up and coming here so we can enjoy more memories as a family and my kids are LOVING having their grandparents nearby.

Last week, my parents got the keys to their new house in a really, really cool community agrihood (Google that!) if it weren't just a hair too far from DC to commute, we would move there in a heart beat. It is gorgeous and has all the amenities you can dream of. I am so happy for them AND even happier for me because I get to decorate the house with my mom.

The first room we are going to tackle is the dining room. Right now it's a total blank space but my mom has furniture and accessories she loves. Specifically her Chippendale dining set and her collection of Chinoiserie vases. Taking all that into account, here is our inspiration board: I technically haven't gotten her to agree to any of this yet but I'm working on it. And while doing this, I am reminded why I could never be a real interior designer - because I know what I like and I don't really care what my "client" wants! Ha!  She called mentioning something about birds on the walls and I just hung up on her. Thank goodness she's not paying me.

I'll keep you posted! It will either be a glorious collaboration with an outcome like above or a total disaster with one of us wrapped in wallpaper and awash in tears! It's a toss up. :)

More to come!

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