Thursday, July 23

Lake House Dreaming

Hello friends! Long time no post eh? Busy times...but what else is new? In addition to summer highlights such as math camp (my kids hate me), we spent the 4th of July at the lake, which is one of our favorite places on earth. One week there has left us once again dreaming of buying our own lake retreat someday. There's just something so relaxing about a lake - when the biggest decision you have to make is whether or not to take the boat out. It's zen defined.

We have rented many houses at the lake and they all have unique style. This time it was a log cabin that was gorgeous in structure but let's just say that there was decor. Perhaps the highlight were the many MANY stuffed animals and not the cute fluffy kind but the dead foxes eating stuffed ducks kind. It's a miracle none of the kids in the group had nightmares. If we are ever lucky enough to get a lake house of our own, I am thinking of going in a slightly different decorating decoration. Here are a few that I am currently obsessed with.

First up is truly my dream cottage on a lake in Michigan. There is absolutely nothing that I don't love about this sweet home. It's on a blog called The Lillypad Cottage and to quote the great Rachel Zoe, I die for this house. I kind of want to stalk this chick and make her my friend just so she'll invite me over. Ohhh..kay...that is weird I know. But really, how amazing is this?

The LilyPad Cottage is a hard act to follow but there are others that I dream of. All pics courtesy of Houzz (search on Lake Houses):

Second only to the house, is of course the boat! We will no doubt want a speedy, tube towing boat if we ever get a lake house. But it would be a dream come true to buy an old fashion Chris Craft boat complete with a little American flag flying off the bag. 

And now that I have made not one, but BOTH of my brothers gag at my obnoxiousness, I will sign off. Probably for like 3 or 4 months. But it was good dreaming with you - even for just a little bit. 

Happy summer guys!!!