Friday, May 8

Office Progress with Mr. Difficult!

Confession time...Mr. Difficult is turning out to be the easiest client ever, which is a total surprise. I know...I am supposed to be nice to him given all that's going on, but really EVERYONE is being nice to him right now. I feel like it's my job to keep things normal. That's what friend are for right?

Anyway, we are making progress designing the office. I created three mood boards for him to choose from.  I am excited to say he picked my favorite and here it is! The feeling I was going for was masculine but elegant, a combination or rustic elements but also refined. Very Restoration Hardware-esque.

The paint color we selected is Benjamin Moore's Evening Dove. It's a pretty blueish grey. There's enough light in that room (huge windows on one side and french doors that open to the light-filled family room on the other) that it can take a darker color. I think it's going to be gorg!

Here are the other two design options I presented to him. The first is navy blue and white with gold accents and some pops of color. We passed on this one because the existing furniture in the room is dark and we felt like in order to pull this look off, the furniture should be white or light. But I still love this look and we'll find another room in the house to use it (that's right...I ain't going nowhere!). 

The last look designed around an existing silver chair in the space. It's lighter and more feminine and is similar in style to the rest of the house. This would have been beautiful and elegant but we opted for option A to really make a statement.

We are painting soon and ordering the stay tuned for the big reveal...that's if Mr. Difficult and I don't kill each other first.