Friday, August 15

What The Hell Is A Man Cave Anyway?

In the "proof that the world is ending" category, it is 59 degrees here in Washington, DC in AUGUST!  Totally crazy and amazing all at the same time. With just two weeks until the college football season begins, it is really starting to feel like Fall. And it has got me thinking about how we are going to decorate our basement. In searching for inspiration for the space, I keep coming across rooms labeled as "Man Caves" which is a term I am adverse to.  I really prefer to not think of my husband as a neanderthal and perhaps more importantly, I am not sure why the basement has a gender. Bizarre. Anywhoooo…here is how the space looks now.
So clearly there is a lot of work to be done. Our plan is to move the couch that is currently in the great room to the basement and replace the really old and beaten up love seat and chair that are down there right now. I am thinking a whole wall of built ins with the tv in the middle and then the rest of the room is reserved for a bar and some fun games like a shuffle board table and maybe foosball. Given that my husband went to Notre Dame and is a huge Yankees fan, the room is sure to be decked out in sports memorabilia. Hmm…starting to sound dangerously like a man cave huh?  Oh..alright..if I have to give in and make it a man cave, then it can at least be a stylish one right? Here are a few that I found as inspiration.

All of these pictures are from my Pinterest Man Caves board. Ok…so I am embracing the term. And you know how much I hate the term DIY (see my post on this topic here) but can we talk about this brilliant dart board idea? Now if only I drank wine and had some extra corks lying around….
Ok, so now that we have a basic design direction, now how to incorporate the sports stuff? Not an easy task. I suppose we could go this route…which might make my hubby happy but might also give me vertigo every time I enter the basement. 

So let's stick with the more elegant approaches above and incorporate the sports theme in a more understated way shall we?

Alrighty then, now we have a design idea, and some way to incorporate the sports without being tacky. So all that's left is the bar. While the basement is pretty big, it's not huge so we'll need to find a bar that is on the smaller side to leave plenty of room for the other shenanigans. I really like this one from Pottery Barn.
 Or maybe we should go for the built in kind like this one. Which is quite awesome as well.
Obviously this space will take a back seat to the other more important rooms we still have to finish - like our master bedroom but with the chill in the air, it's fun to start dreaming. Here come the IRiSH!!!

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