Wednesday, August 6

Master Bedroom - Making Progress!!!

We are making progress on our master bedroom!  Here is the design board I am working from that has pieces we have actually purchased - or will purchase soon!  Last week we ordered the bed from Ethan Allen. It is their Robyn Bed in Mushroom with a White Glaze. It is a worn wood that has a beachy feel and we love it!  We also bought the matching dresser called the Double Edward in the same color.  The great armoire you see is from the same collection and we are going to order that soon but in off-white to contrast with the other pieces. I do not like a lot of matchy matchy in my designs so have to have some contrasting pieces. I haven't picked out the side tables yet but I love the white one pictured below. And I really like the lamps and the scones in that picture. Mixing mirrors with distressed wood I think will be gorgeous. 

The walls are what I'd call a porcelain blue and so I picked out these fabrics from the Sarah Richardson collection for Kravet. We have a very large window bench and I think I'll cover that in the hounds tooth one. The floral one I may use for throw pillows and the diamond one for roman shades maybe. Haven't quite figured that out yet. The linens for the bed will be white and possibly quilted and I love the distressed art pieces on the right of the design board. They are at one of my favorite local furniture stores called Random Harvest. Would love to put those on either side of the bed. The bedroom is really large so we are going to add a chaise like the one on the left bottom corner or maybe a chair with a big ottoman. This one is from Pottery Barn

I'll share a lot more pictures and sources as the room comes together but wanted to give you a sense of the direction so far!

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