Sunday, April 20

All Things Outdoor!

Hello out there!  Miss me?  We are back from one fabulous spring break week at Disneyworld where it was 85 and sunny almost every day and where my kids smiled for 6 days straight.  We love love loved it!  Highly recommend it if you haven't yet ventured to the Magic Kingdom (and all the other kingdoms). Here's a pic of the hotel we stayed at The Wilderness Lodge and the glorious pool we spent considerable time in and around.

We were happily surprised to come home and find our patio construction well underway. Pictures below. It is impossible to tell from these what it will look like but it will be a flagstone patio with a knee wall most of the way around the outer edge which will create planters behind the patio. 

You can see in the above two pictures that our enormous tree that used to be in our backyard is back to haunt us yet again. The roots are massive and likely will end up costing us even MORE money to deal with (as if we haven't spent enough taking it down and grinding the stump). Here's what it used to look like before we took it down. It was a gorgeous 110 foot tulip poplar (two side by side actually). We were very sad to take it down, but every time we had a storm, we would hide in our basement. After too many trees fell in our neighborhood narrowly missing killing people each time, we decided it had to come down. 

The evergreen trees in this pic took a beating in the construction and will be fixed or replaced and the fence is being power washed and stained this week. The barrels are what we grow all of our herbs in. 

Since the back yard is a hill, they are having to dig down a little deeper at the top of the yard to level the patio.  

Here you can see where the knee wall will go with the planters behind it - up against the fence. 

Here are some inspiration shots I found on Houzz that give you an idea of what the planters up against the fence will look like. 

We hope it will be finished in the next week or two and be ready for our first bbq of the summer (ok so it's still spring but ya know what i mean). 

Of course this will provide me with an opportunity to decorate….MY FAVORITE thing to do right?  We have a table and a small sofa and chair that our friend has graciously babysat for us while the house we under construction that will fit really nicely on our new patio.  I am thinking of getting a new umbrella and cushions for it and like the idea of a navy blue and white market umbrella like this one from Pottery Barn (I only wish the beach came with it!)

We also want to get a small fire pit too.  Something like this I found on Wayfair for $375. 

Our plan is to fill the planters with lots of tall grasses and flowering plants that will soften all of the hard scape and provide lots of color. Hopefully we can figure out how to do that (no promises). 

Lots of work going on to make our outside match the inside. Can't wait to show you the results! Glad to be home….but dreaming of Disney!

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