Saturday, November 9

Window Coverings

I am so excited to show you all the work that is happening at the house. They have put the first coat of paint in all the rooms - which makes it all incredibly real. But I am going to wait to reveal all of it until they put the second coat on since right now it looks a little sketchy.

I am now focused on window coverings since some rooms must have them when we move it and because I think curtains can really make a room in terms of design. First up is Bobby's room. The paint color is a really awesome green from Sherwin Williams called LeapFrog. His furniture is navy blue and I want to bring in a lot of white and maybe even some orange - to make it fun and boyish without being boring browns. I ordered these curtains from Pottery Barn Kids and I think they will look awesome.

Rugby Stripe Curtain for Bobby's Room

Next up is the living room which now has a very cool feature wall that is painted in Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. I am going to fess up and say that I completely copied the color of the wall and the curtains from another blog that I love called Life On Virginia Street. I am not normally one who copies design - it is really personal and I am adverse to cookie cutter ideas. But since we both had board and batten walls (by coincidence) and we both clearly like the same colors, I made an exception and copied away. Here is her version - which is gorgeous. I found the Kravet Riad Clove fabric online for 50% off - which is good since it is normally ridiculously expensive. Now I just need to swindle my mom into making them into curtains for me.

Our soon to be living room wall color and curtains!

I haven't figured out what to do in our bedroom or bathroom which is top of the list since 1. we have a ton of windows in those two rooms and 2. our neighbors are not likely interested in what we have to offer if ya know what I mean.

Next up in the house...FLOORS!

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