Thursday, November 21

What Really Matters

As I sat down to write a new post to you - my adoring fans who have been BEGGING...for more of my brilliance, I just can't get into it tonight. For the past two days my mind has been drifting to the sadness that old friends of ours from Chicago are feeling tonight after losing their sweet little three year old girl Sadie who had long, and bravely battled Aircadi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. While I've learned that children with the syndrome have a shortened life expectancy, her death came as a shock to everyone who grew to love her especially after reading her mom Cathy's blog.

Cathy used to work with Mike when we were first out of college and was just one of those cool chicks that you connect with. Those were crazy days full of long hours and lots of nights out in Chicago bars with a group of his co-workers who became close friends. We have long (LONG!) since left Chi-town but still follow friends on FB. When Sadie was born and Cathy started blogging about it, I grew to really love and respect they way she faced challenges with humor and true grace.

Hearing that Sadie died this week hit me hard. It brought me back to this time 5 years ago when my sweet baby niece Zoe passed away. Knowing how impossibly horrible it was for my sister and her husband to let go of Zoe, made it that much more real for me knowing what Cathy and Adin went through this week. I imagine Zoe is up there like a true princess  (if she's anything like my sister) holding court and welcoming all her new friends including Sadie to "her" playground.  :)

All of this has made me feel very silly for all this nonsense about a house and all the materialistic things associated with it. It's not that we aren't grateful for what we have and Mike and I have worked really, really hard for this dream of ours. But it takes something like this to remind me of what really matters. 

So instead of pictures of my new appliances - which are indeed fabulous and which I did just post one on FB! - I write tonight in honor of Sadie and Zoe, and Cathy and Shannon and all those who have lost little ones. It is the greatest fear a mother has and the best possible reason to appreciate the time we do have with our babies. I hugged my kids a little longer this week and hope you will too.