Monday, November 11

Let There Be Light!

The kids and I went to the house tonight - ready for another tour in the dark with our iPhone flashlight. When we pulled into the driveway there was a light in the kitchen. Ava's immediate response, naturally, was that there were squatters living in the kitchen which only upset me until I realized my shiny new Wolf range wasn't installed yet (Shallow Al). Anyway, despite this interesting theory, it turns out that in reality we had POWER - which was a surprise! The kids and I ran through the entire house - room by room - flicking on the light switches and screaming for joy each time a light came on. It was so much fun. Sadly, Mike is in San Francisco for work this week and didn't get to join in the light-a-polooza but we called him so he could share in the happy dance!!!

As I said in my last post, I was planning on waiting until the house was in a little better shape in terms of paint to share the rooms (there's only one coat on most of the walls) but I just can't wait any longer for your exclamations of joy and your profound respect for my color selections (kidding...kind of). I had some doubts about some of them - which I shouldn't have considering it took me 2 months to select them - but every time I go over there, I love them more. And when the window treatments and other details are in (like the polka dots going all over Ava's walls) I think it will be even better.

On tap this week are hardwood floors, PAINT on the outside of the house (watch out neighbors!), built ins, railings, and more.

THREE MORE WEEKS!!!!! Can't believe it.

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