Sunday, November 24

135 days down...12 to go!

Hard to believe it but we are less than two weeks from moving into our house. And despite all my protestations otherwise, it has gone really fast. I am pretty sure though that we have entered some sort of slow-motion time warp since time seems to be standing still. Luckily we have Thanksgiving and a trip to New Jersey to distract us this week.

Lots of stuff happening now - not the least of which is the new BLUE color of our house! Without shutters it looks a little naked and it really needs the beautiful front porch (see rendering below although not going on until the spring) but I am still in love with it.

FINAL Porch View 2

The punch list currently stands at 54 items - some major, some minor. I am super excited about the wallpaper (which in the dining room I totally ripped off of fellow home blogger Sara Abbott - but in a different color) which will be installed next week. Appliances are almost all in and I eagerly await the installation of our Wolf range and the shiny red knobs. The built ins around the fireplace turned out gorgeous and exactly like the picture I sent our builder in March. It is amazing to see all of our ideas come to life.

The master bath is almost done complete with glass shower doors.The new marble vanity countertop has arrived and I dare say even prettier than the other cracked version. This weekend they took out the giant tree stumps which puts an end to the saga of our massive tulip poplar tree that we took down earlier this year and which began this whole process. The front and back yards went through a major clean up (I even pitched in!) and are ready for some pretty green sod. We had the house re-appraised this week and it came back at a healthy figure which puts an end to that part of our saga (see my May posts to relive that nightmare if you are bored).

We know that even after we move in the process isn't over. But the idea of getting back to "normal" and to have space to spread out and run around outside is so exciting we can hardly stand it!!! Most of all, we cannot wait to just sit back (literally) and relax. No running to and from the house to the apartment, no more worrying about selections and payments and refinancing and packing. No more cabin fever inflicted kids and most of all, a heck of a lot less stress. And for all of that - and so, so much more, we are THANKFUL!!!

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