Sunday, October 6

Two Months To Go!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday they came in full force and hung drywall all day. Bam! Instant house. It is so surreal to walk around our house in this state. For as many years as I can remember, Mike and I would sit and sketch out what we hoped our house would look like some day. Weekend breakfasts included white printer paper, a ruler and a dozen terribly drawn but dreamy renderings of what we dreamed of. So to actually be able to walk through it and see the walls and feel the space was really incredible.

This week we settled on a move-in date of December 6th. Two months...8 weeks...61 days - not that we are counting. So now we are down to the wire picking out all the final details. Cabinet pulls, carpet color, fireplace stone, floor stain, paint colors and all the trim details have to be decided in the next week. Which is nothin but fun.

But the MOST exciting part of all is that this week our cabinets arrive. Cannot wait!!!

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