Tuesday, October 29

Details, details....

A little more progress to share of all the details. Just over 5 weeks to go.

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Thursday, October 24

Putting Aside My Need for Perfection...For A Minute!

Hello friends! It's been a few weeks and work is chugging along but I have been holding off on posting pics because I so like a finished product and am tempted to stop posting anything until it's completely done and perfectly pretty BUT I will let go of my need for perfection....for now anyway. But you will have to use your imagination and not sit there and go "really??? hmmmm...interesting choice" ok?

The kitchen cabinets are going in which is almost as exciting as when our kids arrived. Kidding...kind of. We are still missing crown molding and all types of detail like under cabinet lighting, some of the glass shelves, pulls, etc. but you'll get the idea. The island and butler's pantry are a really pretty shade of brown called Java and the perimeter cabinets are a creamy white called Cameo. They are all from Greenfield and they are really fantastic in terms of quality. They have that soft close thing going on and are frameless. I love the layout our kitchen designer came up with and I am so glad we added the corner window facing the street. We gave up some cabinets but it makes it so sunny in there and keeps it from being your typical boxy kitchen. I especially love all the really big drawers for things like pots and tupperware. I also love the organizational features like the spice rack and the tray dividers. All the things a girl dreams of!

The doors are in as well as some of the tile - in the mudroom and master bath floors. We are still waiting on the shower tile which is so pretty. They are working on the built ins all over the place - mudroom lockers, master bedroom window seat, master closet shelves.

With 6 weeks to go everything is coming together - except my sanity. Which is expendable. Next up, wood work, paint and wallpaper then wood floors and some carpet and then appliances and granite. I might just have a party when the Wolf range is installed. Can't wait to show you more soon!

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Sunday, October 6

Two Months To Go!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday they came in full force and hung drywall all day. Bam! Instant house. It is so surreal to walk around our house in this state. For as many years as I can remember, Mike and I would sit and sketch out what we hoped our house would look like some day. Weekend breakfasts included white printer paper, a ruler and a dozen terribly drawn but dreamy renderings of what we dreamed of. So to actually be able to walk through it and see the walls and feel the space was really incredible.

This week we settled on a move-in date of December 6th. Two months...8 weeks...61 days - not that we are counting. So now we are down to the wire picking out all the final details. Cabinet pulls, carpet color, fireplace stone, floor stain, paint colors and all the trim details have to be decided in the next week. Which is nothin but fun.

But the MOST exciting part of all is that this week our cabinets arrive. Cannot wait!!!

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