Monday, September 30

Ready for some drywall baby!

It's hard to believe but this week, they will install the drywall. I think it is going to really set in then that we are actually building a house (still in denial). I am back from a week on the west coast putting together two incredible events for my job. Now I can focus on more important major decisions like finalizing the tile backsplash and picking the floor stain color. Like I said...mucho important.

As of tomorrow, we have officially been in the apartment for 2 months. The kids are starting to count down the days and weeks until we are back in the house...somewhere around 8 weeks. And I am starting to think about furniture - of which we need a lot. Master bedroom, living room, great room, dining room, and on and on. I anticipate the house will be empty for quite some time given the cost of furniture (btw - those Amish are living the dream...don't let them fool ya) but all in due time.

Next up on the docket is getting our porch plans through the variance process with the county. Apparently putting in a porch requires the same level of approval as building a nuclear power plant. The application is due on Wednesday and then we'll be "granted" a hearing for December with plans to build in late spring. I'll have to just be patient (ha ha!)

Next week...more exciting pictures!

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  1. House is looking great. Your builder is incredible. So fast!

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