Monday, August 12


So after the world's most unrelaxing mini-vacation (see my facebook posts about our bedroom/nightclub at the Sea Shell Resort on Long Beach Island for a good laugh) we came home assuming that very little would have been done in our absence. But we were wrong (as we usually are!). When we left last week there was a mountain of dirt, some cement walls and a bunch of orange x marks. On Saturday when we drove down the hill and saw we'd been framed (ha ha ha). It was quite exciting to walk around our soon to be kitchen and great room.

Today they started demo in the house and gone are the floors, some walls and our entire kitchen. We tip toed around the house hoping not to fall through any floor boards and checking it all out. Quite a fun time my friends.

Life in the apartment continues and with the exception of our loud, yappy dog and our overly sensitive-eared neighbors, it's quite peaceful. There's something to be said for living with only the essentials (husband and kids included). So all in is pretty damn good right now. Unless you are our neighbor. And then you are counting the days until we move out - but then again so are we.

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