Sunday, July 28

Week 3

Things are moving right along and we are moving right out! This Friday we will be hitting the road to our lovely little apartment just up the road. Frankly, it's an upgrade from the land of boxes we currently inhabit. I must say, as much as I have dreaded packing up this entire house, it has been very cathartic. Lots of purging going on (which is a good thing since my sister described me this week as a "bit of a hoarder"). Despite Mike and I both being completely and totally overwhelmed with a crazy busy time at work, nonstop packing at home every night, and two kids who have had only a mildly entertaining summer....we are somehow making it through. I keep envisioning the's coming SOON!

Construction is cranking along. Yesterday (yep...they even work on Saturdays!) they came to finish putting up the forms and on Tuesday they will pour concrete. Then the real fun begins. I can't wait to see the framing start. While all this is going on, we have been finalizing selections - beautiful granite....check, gorgeous custom cabinets....check, doors, windows and siding....check check check!

Our builder hasn't killed us yet despite hourly questions about what's going on in the back yard. He is a very patient man and has been really great. I think he is counting the hours until we move out though so I will stop texting him with updates like "Hey Rob...the concrete truck can't get up the driveway and almost hit a power line" or "Hey Rob - I measured the footers and it's like 1/8inch shorter than 18feet deep and 32feet wide". But as I said to him, this is the most expensive thing we've every bought so I am not going to stop being a pain in the ass. DEAL WITH IT! And for the most part...he's done just that.

Next stop...apartment living. May our neighbors downstairs prepare themselves for a crazy family of four and their nutjob dog.

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