Sunday, July 28

Week 3

Things are moving right along and we are moving right out! This Friday we will be hitting the road to our lovely little apartment just up the road. Frankly, it's an upgrade from the land of boxes we currently inhabit. I must say, as much as I have dreaded packing up this entire house, it has been very cathartic. Lots of purging going on (which is a good thing since my sister described me this week as a "bit of a hoarder"). Despite Mike and I both being completely and totally overwhelmed with a crazy busy time at work, nonstop packing at home every night, and two kids who have had only a mildly entertaining summer....we are somehow making it through. I keep envisioning the's coming SOON!

Construction is cranking along. Yesterday (yep...they even work on Saturdays!) they came to finish putting up the forms and on Tuesday they will pour concrete. Then the real fun begins. I can't wait to see the framing start. While all this is going on, we have been finalizing selections - beautiful granite....check, gorgeous custom cabinets....check, doors, windows and siding....check check check!

Our builder hasn't killed us yet despite hourly questions about what's going on in the back yard. He is a very patient man and has been really great. I think he is counting the hours until we move out though so I will stop texting him with updates like "Hey Rob...the concrete truck can't get up the driveway and almost hit a power line" or "Hey Rob - I measured the footers and it's like 1/8inch shorter than 18feet deep and 32feet wide". But as I said to him, this is the most expensive thing we've every bought so I am not going to stop being a pain in the ass. DEAL WITH IT! And for the most part...he's done just that.

Next stop...apartment living. May our neighbors downstairs prepare themselves for a crazy family of four and their nutjob dog.

Friday, July 19

Week 1

The project is off with a bang....literally! Man those trucks are loud and destructive - a few smacks with the Bobcat and the deck came down like pixie sticks. Along with it went many memories of fun times including hosting Thanksgiving dinner out there in a gorgeous tent for our entire family during Bobby's baptism weekend. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Despite the 100 degree (105 with the always perplexing heat index), the workers got a lot done. This week brought the demo of the deck and the beginning of a giant hole as evidenced by the pics. Here's the the start of something fantastic!

Tuesday, July 16

We've Only Just Begun....

Oh Karen were so wonderful. That song was playing over and over again in my head today as the work finally started. It's so surreal. I can't tell you know many times Mike and I sat at our table sketching out what an addition would look like if we EVER were able to do it. And here we are.

Saturday brought the arrival of the dumpster (who knew that could be exciting right?), and today they took down the deck and put up the all important sign out front - just in case any of our neighbors were confused about what is going on. Lots of pics attached for your perusal.

Here we go!!![gallery type="rectangular" ids="275,269,268,270,271,272,273,274"]

Saturday, July 13

This is the day...this is the day...


A favorite song of mine from Sunday school and a good anthem for the way that I feel this morning.  Last night we closed on the loan (another big shout out to Vince Coyle and his team for that) and on Monday, Rob Zimmmerman and his gang of construction warriors will arrive to take down the deck and get this party started. 

I am not one to get preachy but standing on said deck this morning, I can't help but put aside my sarcastic, cynical self for 2 minutes and be very grateful for the things I have. A best friend for a husband, two amazing kids, an extended family that I adore, friends that I love, an impactful job, and all the other things that are important to me.  And of course, there's Buddy (who remains literally in the dog house this morning after destroying yet another dog bed). 

I will LOVE my new house - the big open kitchen, my soaking tub, the wood burning fire place and all the bells and whistles. We have worked really, really hard to make this happen. But really it's not what matters to me in life.  Four years ago this September when I found out I had a softball size tumor in my throat and heard the words "it has likely spread to your lymph nodes" from the endocrinologist I promised myself that I would always put life into perspective. 

I am not good at it and I haven't always lived up to my own promise, but I am daily reminded that there are much more important things in life than whether the granite I've selected is grey or taupe (ya hear that Signorelli????)

So at least for today and hopefully for a few more after that,  I plan to rejoice and be glad in it!  

Next post will bring pictures people!!!  Stay tuned (all three of you).