Sunday, June 16

You wanna fight? You're gonna get a fight!

We knew this process wouldn't be easy - nothing worth anything ever is right? But man....I didn't not know it would be exactly like giving birth to my first child. And that included 3 full days of labor which ended in being gutted like a fish. And this....well...this is even worse.

We are just about 5 weeks from breaking ground and everything was going along swimmingly. I picked out cabinets and appliances and was starting to focus on really important things like paint colors and floor stain.  Our permit is close to being final and we were looking for places to live during construction.

And then sccccrrreeeeccch! Everything came to a halt. The house didn't appraise where it needed to and bam, our lender goes bye bye. Our builder gives us a deadline and all of a sudden we are scrambling.

I spent most of last week sending ridiculously personal documents to complete strangers which I am sure is TOTALLY fine right? And here we sit on a Sunday night hoping that one of the many people who now know how much I paid the IRS this year, comes through for us.

Recently, I watched The Princess Bride with the kids and there's this scene where Princess Buttercup falls into the Lightning Quick Sand. Westley dives in after her and a few panicked moments later they pull up out of the sand gasping for air but alive!

And that is what we need right now. A savior to jump into the quick sand and pull us out. Preferably with a pretty little construction to perm loan in hand.

My next post will either bring happy happy joy joy or the depths of despair. Prepare yourself either way friends (all 3 of you that are still reading this).

Aaaasssss yoooooouuuuu wwwwiiiiisssshhhhh!

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