Monday, June 24

If at first you don't succeed...get yourself a Vince!

My philosophy in life has always been that everything happens for a reason. Take for instance my total devastation at being rejected from a crap college only to be accepted to a much better one. Or how were outbid on a house that had 2 bedrooms and no dishwasher only to get one that was bigger, nicer and that didn't require Mike to scrub away every night. I think it's God's way of telling me that I am not always right - which let's be honest, doesn't usually go over well with me.

After my last post I came to grips with the fact that we weren't going to be building this addition and that it was happening for a reason I wasn't aware of yet. I actually accepted it and started planning a beach vacation - something we suddenly could afford.

But then I decided to get up off the mat and give it one last chance. I emailed everyone I knew that might be able to help (and thank you to those that did - especially Emily and Michele), talked to 4 different potential lenders, sent a billion documents to complete strangers and came up with nothing. I resisted the urge to call my original lender and tell him to stick his bad loan practices up his ass, and instead asked if there was anything he could do. He was so impressed by my sweet self (or so depressed by my pathetic begging) he introduced me to a "guy named Vince".  If you have ever lived in (or around) New Jersey, you know when someone tells you they "know a guy" you are likely going to get what you want or need at a very reasonable rate.

So when he told me to call this guy Vince, I did it. And WOW did Vince come through for us. Not only did he give me instant confidence and hope, but he got us a new appraisal on the house in less than 3 days. This appraiser actually spent more than 4 minutes at our house and BAM! Better appraisal, new loan and here we sit, less than 2 weeks later.....back on track.

As of tonight, the permit has been approved, we are about to finalize the loan documents and are set to close in a few weeks and fingers, toes and eyes crossed we will break ground on July 22nd.

I'd like to thank my husband for telling me to fight when I was standing in the kitchen crying about my Wolf range, my leftover muscle relaxers from when I threw out my back that helped me sleep, all my family and friends (including the three of you reading this) who pretended to care about our self-inflicted drama over a house, and my children who were there for me to scream at inappropriately as I took out my frustration on them.

Here's to getting up off the mat and fighting for what you want. Sometimes that is what God is telling you to do. Well God...and a guy name Vince.


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