Thursday, May 23

Time flies and I am flying

I am writing this from my awesomely comfortable wifi enabled seat on ViriginAmerica on our way to LAX for a trip to see my brother and his wifey. Flying indeed!  But I have another reason to be high (ha ha) which is that our plans were officially submitted to the county for the permit yesterday. So now we wait - hopefully not too long. That is hurdle 9 out of 11 with only two more major milestones before we can break groung:  1. getting the actual permit and 2. finalizing the financing.  

IF (and that is a big IF) all goes well, we will break ground on July 22nd.  Fingers, toes, eyes, legs and even children crossed. 

This has been an incredibly busy time at work which has put the addition and all the details surrounding it in the back of my mind. The next few days in Los Angeles will be a nice break from it all but then BAM right back at it on Tuesday. 

Tuesday brings the appraiser, the moving estimate quickly followed by a whole slew of meetings to select things like cabinets, lights, counters, tile, appliances and more.  

We are getting there people!  SOOOO close...even at 35,000 feet. 

Monday, May 6

Dream House!

It's only money.

Right???  Well, I guess thats true if you are married to Donald Trump or are Kate Middleton's soon to be born baby or if you were smart enough to buy a very cheap house when you were first married and now have oodles of equity. Alas, Mike is NOT Donald Trump (thank god), I am fairly certain I am NOT Kate Middleton's baby and no one told us to buy a house when we first got married (and I think we all know who is blame for that right Mom?)

Why the sudden concern for cost you say? Well, this weekend we received a revised building estimate based on the final plans for the house and it was more...a LOT more than the original estimate. I guess that's not all together unusual or surprising but still frustrating since it has brought this process to a bit of a halt. 

So what now? Do we compromise and give up on the things we really wanted? I mean it's not like we put in a swimming pool in the basement or anything. These were must haves like toilets and appliances. Or do we put this whole project on hold until we can do it the way we want?  Perhaps there is some happy medium that we can figure out that gives us what we want while still being able to send our kids to college? 

Which brings us back to the whole problem of my patience (or lack thereof). But you (all 3 of you) will be proud to know I am chillin.  Letting the universe decide what happens next. It is SOOOO unlike me.  Maybe I am growing up and maturing? Or maybe I am just too busy/tired to force anything to happen. In the meantime, I keep waiting for the Muppets to show up and tell me to keep the house as it is (random Good Luck Charlie reference). 

Stay tuned...