Wednesday, April 24

Waiting....waiting...waiting...and more waiting!

Let's face it, I am not a patient girl. It's just not in my DNA. Not even being pregnant taught me patience. I am instantly annoyed by a slow pace of pretty much anything and anyone. This will not come as a surprise to all three of you reading this blog. But I think I may have met my match with this home renovation. 

We started the process on March 28th and given that we haven't even hit the one month mark, we've made amazing progress. We have architectural plans, 3D renderings, we've picked out appliances, cabinets, sinks and even the front door. But even with all this progress, it's not happening fast enough for me. 

Deep's a process....have this I say BAH HUMBUG! Bring on the speedy turnarounds, early arrivals and fast selections.  

Our poor, poor, poor builder. 



  1. So excited to be one of the three people reading this!

    Maybe now that we're using the same builder, I'll help make you look patient. . . ;)