Wednesday, April 3

Farmhouse, stainless, enamel...oh my!

We are less than a week into this process and I am loving it...maybe a little too much. Bordering on obsessed perhaps. Last night our builder - who may regret picking us - sent us a website to look at plumbing fixtures. I got the email and thought NO PROBLEM! I can easily pick a few faucets and sinks. Not so much. I spent about 3 hours last night looking at the website, polling my friends on facebook, emailing our builder and still haven't decided on one simple kitchen sink.

There are so many issues to consider. Will the enamel stain? Will a farmhouse stainless steel sink scratch? Will I lose my mind over a vessel in which I will wash my dishes? Quite possibly.

I have kids and a job. Oh and a dog and a husband (not in that order) so I should probably just figure it out. Back to the website....

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